The 7 Big Problems in Marketing - Problem Three: Giving Technology & Data Some Heart & Soul

Key Takeaways


 How is technology enabling organizations to understand what people care about and align that with their offering.
  •  What does the proliferation of data allow us to do and what are the benefits of weaving this into our organizational approach.
  •  How do we address the gaps of organizational readiness (people, process, infrastructure) to adapt to consumer needs.
  • What are some examples of organizations delivering solutions in new, innovative and adaptive ways.


The AMA has identified The 7 Big Problems in Marketing. The purpose of this webcast is to focus on Problem Three: The Digital Transformation.

Consumer media is more vast, variant and uncontrolled as it's ever been. Let's review and discuss the ways organizations - large and small - are harnessing this chaos to drive growth and maintain relevance.

Azher is the EVP/Director of Digital at DDB in Chicago. Prior to that, he built and led the digital marketing offering at advertising agencies including The Martin Agency, Arnold, and FCB. For over 18 years, Azher's led technology and brand efforts across virtually all categories of industry. His clients include McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, State Farm, Conagra, GEICO, Comcast, and Mars.
Azher started his career as a designer and believes creativity is vital to solving large, complex business challenges.
He's spoken at Social Media Week, SXSW, Advertising Week, Internet Week and is an Executive Member of IADAS (Webby Awards) and IAB’s MIXX.

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