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The difference between earned, owned, and paid social media … How to employ the Social Trifecta™ to optimize your social performance … Ways to increase your earned social media footprint …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 6/21/2017  

How to power engagement with a mobile event app before, during and after your event How technology has changed the way attendees consume and interact with content How to use the …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 6/14/2017  

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Crawl Stage: Creating a guided experience using self-selection with Flinn Scientific Walk Stage: Using personas-based segmentation with Lyko Run Stage: Applying machine learning …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 6/1/2017  

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How to optimize your email invitations How to use videos to drive registration How to more effectively leverage social media How to build a long term audience …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 5/31/2017  

Why agile data integration and unification is key to always-on optimization How the right KPIs, dashboards and drill downs enable optimization to scale How first-party customer …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 5/26/2017  

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The best opt-in process for long-term open rate success Tips for writing enticing email subject lines that beg to be opened Engagement segmentation strategies to boost sender …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 5/25/2017  

How to boost views of your webinar recordings Ways to repurpose recordings in sales, marketing, and customer relations Tips for structuring content to improve post-webinar …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 5/23/2017  

How Machine Learning Works for Marketing What Machine Learning Cannot do for Marketing How to Onboard AI and ML into Your Organization … following article is available exclusively to …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 5/22/2017  

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Learn how cognitive analytics can change the way marketers understand and anticipate customer behavior as it derives meaning from complex data … See how cognitive analytics can provide …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 5/19/2017  

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Learn how site speed can affect conversion rates … Understand why responsive design impacts conversions for mobile users … See how having a multimedia strategy can increase customer …
Authors: Selma AvdicDate: 5/18/2017  

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