The Next AMA is on the Horizon

Welcome and thank you for becoming a member of the American Marketing Association!

We are very grateful to you for joining the AMA, especially since you, as a marketer, are working harder than ever before.  The demands on you are more than ever, and it’s up to the American Marketing Association to elevate our game too.   

So it’s a new era in the life of what we describe with great anticipation…the Next AMA.  The Next AMA is working on new and exciting changes that are just around the corner: 
  • The AMA Marketplace – The “Next AMA” website will launch in early 2016. This marketplace of knowledge will be the go-to place to fuse the digital and physical user experience.  We will have new modern design, enhanced navigation and search capabilities, more in depth member only content, a community for members to connect and collaborate and much more. 

  • New Intellectual Agenda – The “Next AMA” knows knowledge.  Our intellectual agenda will focus on the 15 topics we have learned matter most to marketers. You’ll find wide range of marketing ideas, topics, trends and challenges driven by the world’s best academic thinking and by the industry’s foremost thought leadersOnly the AMA delivers content focused on best vs. next practices in the marketplace.  Only the AMA has established what we call the “Big Seven” macro-issues for which marketers should have both currency and mastery.

  • A Community Essential to Marketers - The “Next AMA” endeavors to build a community that is essential for marketers built on four tenets.  We revere the marketer. We know the marketer. We serve the marketer. We think ahead for the marketer.  This is the community advantage that sets the AMA apart.  We are fast becoming the one and only essential place you’ll want to go every day to stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Pledge to Service Leadership – The “Next AMA” pledges to be of service to the wants and needs of all our members.  We are driven to deliver a world-class user experience that makes “The AMA” experience feel like “Your AMA”.
The AMA is transforming into a service-oriented, content-driven, experience-rich community and I am both grateful and thrilled that you’ll be a part of the AMA community advantage. 

Please take an opportunity to explore all the benefits of being an AMA member and let us know what we can do to make your AMA experience more delightful.  

Remember, you are part of something really big and the best days are ahead for us both!  


Russ Klein
Chief Executive Officer
American Marketing Association

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