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Marketing News Archive Preview

Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

As the venerable source of business news, AMA chapter updates and case studies from the best minds in the industry, Marketing News has been a stalwart of AMA membership for more than 50 years. While the style and format of Marketing News has changed significantly over the years, the mission has remained the same: to keep our members informed and inspired.

Flipping through the past 50-plus years, we’ve tracked some incredible trends—namely, the digitization of the modern corporation. Following suit, Marketing News Quarterly will now be digital-only. We’re bringing you the information you crave in the place you already spend most of your time: online. We’re also releasing the fully digitized and searchable archive of Marketing News. Check out a preview of the full archive below—we’ve grabbed some of the most interesting issues, from the evolution of the personal computer to the skyrocketing value of Beanie Babies.

Marketing News: July 1, 1969

  • “North Carolina to Host 1969 Doctoral Consortium”
  • “Cigarette Advertising Faces Stronger Regulation”
  • “Program Set for Wives at Fall Meeting”


Marketing News: March 12, 1976

  • “‘Marketing research gains acceptance in legal and quasi-legal proceedings”
  • “Tylenol-Datril ‘poke game’ analyzed from marketing strategy viewpoint”
  • “‘At ad agency, marketing research must supply input to enhance ads'”

Marketing News: November 9, 1984

  • “On-site computer interviewing yields research data instantly”
  • “CompuServe unveils ‘The Electronic Mall'”
  • “Video jukebox ads reach customers at point-of-sale”

Marketing News: June 23, 1997

  • “Small bank raises interest with Teenie promotion”
  • “Viacom is latest to make retailing entertaining”
  • “Keep this in mind about Internet marketing”