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Cause-Related Marketing

Terrence Beckman requests articles, published or otherwise, appearing since Varadarajan & Menon (1988).


Logistics Research Network

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 6 ? 8 Sep 2006, Abstract submission deadline: 17 March, 2006, Full papers due 10 June, 2006.


Positions Digest for Feb 1, 2006

University of Wyoming; Rutgers University, Newark and New Brunswick, Visiting; University of Texas at San Antonio; George Mason University; Indian School of Business


Contact Information for Copy Editors

Responses to Balambigai Balakrishnan's request for finding a copy editor willing to process English language manuscripts for a fee are available at


TOC Digest for Jan 31, 2006

Industrial Marketing Management; International Journal of Research in Marketing; International Journal of Tourism Research; International Marketing Review; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; Journal of Research for Consumers; Journal of Strategic Marketing; Management Science; Marketing Science; Organization Science; Public Opinion Quarterly; Technological Forecasting and Social Change