Mar Letters


Marketing Letters, 34(2)


Customer satisfaction, loyalty behaviors, and firm financial performance: what 40 years of research tells us
Vikas Mittal, Kyuhong Han, Carly Frennea, Markus Blut, Muzeeb Shaik, Narendra Bosukonda, Shrihari Sridhar [Google Scholar]

National customer orientation: an empirical test across 112 countries
Ofer Mintz, Imran S. Currim, Rohit Deshpandé [Google Scholar]

An empirical examination of consumer co-creation process
Kyungwon Lee, Can Uslay, Sengun Yeniyurt [Google Scholar]

Cultural differences in giving experiential (vs. material) gifts
Minji Suh, Hyewon Cho [Google Scholar]

Strategic use of just-below numbers in packaged-foods calorie information
Robert M. Schindler, Mathew S. Isaac, Rebecca Jen-Hui Wang [Google Scholar]

The role of presentation order in consumer choice: the abrupt disparity effect
Kivilcim Dogerlioglu-Demir, Cenk Koçaş, Nilsah Cavdar Aksoy [Google Scholar]

An investigation of the impact of Black male and female actors on US movies’ box-office across countries
Verdiana Giannetti, Jieke Chen [Google Scholar]

Hollywood caught in two worlds? The impact of the Bechdel test on the international box office performance of cinematic films
Johann Valentowitsch [Google Scholar]

Bitcoin-denominated prices can reduce preference for vice products
Joowon Park, Sachin Banker [Google Scholar]

Understanding non-fungible tokens (NFTs): insights on consumption practices and a research agenda
Rami Alkhudary, Bertrand Belvaux, Nathalie Guibert [Google Scholar]

Idea Corner

Vulnerable consumers: marketing research needs to pay more attention to the brain health of consumers
Andrija Javor, Monika Koller, Nick Lee, Hans Breiter [Google Scholar]


How expressing one’s likes and dislikes affects enjoyment: a replication
Julia Sophia Wittich, Jan R. Landwehr, Daniel Wentzel [Google Scholar]