J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 124(6)



Instrumental goal activation increases online petition support across languages
Markowitz, David M. [Google Scholar]

Implicit theories of opportunity: When opportunity fails to knock, keep waiting, or start cultivating?
O’Keefe, Paul A.; Horberg, E. J.; Lee, Fiona; Dweck, Carol S. [Google Scholar]

How do explicit and implicit evaluations shift? A preregistered meta-analysis of the effects of co-occurrence and relational information
Kurdi, Benedek; Morehouse, Kirsten N.; Dunham, Yarrow [Google Scholar]

Social norms govern what behaviors come to mind—And what do not
Kalkstein, David A.; Hook, Cayce J.; Hard, Bridgette M.; Walton, Gregory M. [Google Scholar]

Expect and you shall perceive: People who expect better in turn perceive better behaviors from their romantic partners
Joel, Samantha; Maxwell, Jessica A.; Khera, Devinder; Peetz, Johanna; Baucom, Brian R. W.; MacDonald, Geoff [Google Scholar]

Adherence to emotion norms is greater in individualist cultures than in collectivist cultures
Vishkin, Allon; Kitayama, Shinobu; Berg, Martha K.; Diener, Ed; Gross-Manos, Daphna; Ben-Arieh, Asher; Tamir, Maya [Google Scholar]

Age and gender differences in narcissism: A comprehensive study across eight measures and over 250,000 participants
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The dynamics of prayer in daily life and implications for well-being
Newman, David B.; Nezlek, John B.; Thrash, Todd M. [Google Scholar]

Are some people more consistent? Examining the stability and underlying processes of personality profile consistency
Wright, Amanda J.; Jackson, Joshua J. [Google Scholar]

Unraveling values and well-being—Disentangling within- and between-person dynamics via a psychometric network perspective
Fischer, Ronald; Karl, Johannes Alfons [Google Scholar]