J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 152(4)



The social network: How people infer relationships from mutual connections
Sehl, Claudia G.; Friedman, Ori; Denison, Stephanie [Google Scholar]

Support for increasing low-wage workers’ compensation: The role of fixed-growth mindsets about intelligence
Madan, Shilpa; Ma, Anyi; Pandey, Neeraj; Rattan, Aneeta; Savani, Krishna [Google Scholar]

Arbitrary fairness in reward and punishments
Evers, Ellen R. K.; O’Donnell, Michael; Inbar, Yoel [Google Scholar]

Does co-occurrence information influence evaluations beyond relational meaning? An investigation using self-reported and mouse-tracking measures of attitudinal ambivalence
Béna, Jérémy; Mauclet, Antoine; Corneille, Olivier [Google Scholar]

Attention biases preferential choice by enhancing an option’s value
Pleskac, Timothy J.; Yu, Shuli; Grunevski, Sergej; Liu, Taosheng [Google Scholar]

Egocentric anchoring-and-adjustment underlies social inferences about known others varying in similarity and familiarity
Wang, Y. Andre; Simpson, Austin J.; Todd, Andrew R. [Google Scholar]

Encoding and decoding hidden meanings in face-to-face communication: Understanding the role of verbal and nonverbal behaviors in indirect replies
Chu, Mingyuan; Tobin, Paul; Ioannidou, Flora; Basnakova, Jana [Google Scholar]

Listening speaks to our intuition while reading promotes analytic thought
Geipel, Janet; Keysar, Boaz [Google Scholar]

Do humans prefer cognitive effort over doing nothing?
Wu, Raymond; Ferguson, Amanda M.; Inzlicht, Michael [Google Scholar]

Further tests of sequence-sensitive models in a modified garner task using separable dimensions
Lin, Deborah J.; Little, Daniel R. [Google Scholar]

Stimulation of left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex enhances willingness for task completion by amplifying task outcome value
Xu, Ting; Zhang, Shunmin; Zhou, Feng; Feng, Tingyong [Google Scholar]

Does a lack of perceptual expertise prevent participants from forming reliable first impressions of “other-race” faces?
Tsantani, Maria; Over, Harriet; Cook, Richard [Google Scholar]

Images of objects are interpreted as symbols: A case study of automatic size measurement
Brody, Gabor; Revencu, Barbu; Csibra, Gergely [Google Scholar]

Prioritization sharpens working memories but does not protect them from distraction
Zhang, Ziyao; Lewis-Peacock, Jarrod A. [Google Scholar]

Susceptibility to default effects does not differ by age
Nolte, Julia; Löckenhoff, Corinna E. [Google Scholar]

Variance, skewness and multiple outcomes in described and experienced prospects: Can one descriptive model capture it all?
Spiliopoulos, Leonidas; Hertwig, Ralph [Google Scholar]