J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 38(7)



The mediating role of cooperative norms in the formation of buyer commitment in the buyer–seller relationship
Valter Afonso Vieira, Robert Mayberry, James Boles, Julie Johnson-Busbin, Rita Cassia Pereira [Google Scholar]

Knowledge management process as a mediator between collaborative culture and frugal innovation: the moderating role of perceived organizational support
Muhammad Usman Shehzad, Jianhua Zhang, Sajjad Alam, Ziao Cao, Fredrick Ahenkora Boamah, Mubashir Ahmad [Google Scholar]

The quality of case studies on new product development: state of the art and future prospects
Jinfeng Wang, Luyao Zhang, Kuo-Yi Lin, Lijie Feng [Google Scholar]

The acceleration of digital communications in the durable goods industry. A study on white goods firms after COVID-19
Lala Hu, Mirko Olivieri [Google Scholar]

Actor engagement: origin, evolution and trends
Ana María Barrera Rodríguez, Edison Jair Duque Oliva, Jaime Andrés Vieira Salazar [Google Scholar]

The dissolution of strategic manufacturer–industrial supplier relationships: are insights from the investment model valid and predictive?
Yi-Su Chen, Tsai-Shan S. Shen, Manus J. Rungtusanatham [Google Scholar]

The role of communication between partners in the process of strategic alliances: a systematic literature review
Mariana Namen Jatobá, Mário Franco, Margarida Rodrigues [Google Scholar]

Patterns of international marketing strategy
Carl Arthur Solberg, François Durrieu [Google Scholar]

The role of supply chain resilience and absorptive capacity in the relationship between marketing–supply chain management alignment and firm performance: a moderated-mediation analysis
Mohammad Asif Salam, Saleh Bajaba [Google Scholar]

The evaluation of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Turkish manufacturing sector using AHP-TOPSIS methods
Zeynep Özgüner, Mert Özgüner, Yakup Durmaz [Google Scholar]

Critical incidents and dissatisfaction in B2B relationships: an appraisal theory analysis
Laura Pascual-Nebreda, Pablo Cabanelas, Alicia Blanco-González [Google Scholar]

Dual innovation of the business model: the regulatory role of entrepreneurial orientation in family firms
Jingguang Ge, Leiming Li [Google Scholar]