J Mar Anaytics


Journal of Marketing Analytics, 11(2)




A decade of marketing analytics and more to come: JMA insights
Maria Petrescu, Anjala S. Krishen [Google Scholar]

Profiling diverse reviewer segments using online reviews of service industries
Nima Jalali, Sangkil Moon, Moon-Yong Kim [Google Scholar]

Impact of delivery performance on online review ratings: the role of temporal distance of ratings
Prashanth Ravula [Google Scholar]

Customer feature selection from high-dimensional bank direct marketing data for uplift modeling
Jinping Hu [Google Scholar]

Integrated customer lifetime value (CLV) and customer migration model to improve customer segmentation
Kessara Kanchanapoom, Jongsawas Chongwatpol [Google Scholar]

Key drivers of brand trust in a Latin American airline: the impact of Colombia’s Avianca customer experience
Jose Ribamar Siqueira, Michael Bendixen, Felipe Reinoso-Carvalho, Raffaele Campo [Google Scholar]

Going (in)conspicuous: antecedents and moderators of luxury consumption
Amélia Maria Pinto da Cunha Brandão, Hugo Eduardo Magalhães Barbedo [Google Scholar]

Does demand forecasting matter to retailing?
Wesley Marcos de Almeida, Claudimar Pereira da Veiga [Google Scholar]

Developing a conversion rate optimization framework for digital retailers—case study
Robert Zimmermann, Andreas Auinger [Google Scholar]

Do E-wallets trigger impulse purchases? An analysis of Malaysian Gen-Y and Gen-Z consumers
Yi Yong Lee, Chin Lay Gan, Tze Wei Liew [Google Scholar]