Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 111


Strategic use of social media in marketing and financial performance: The B2B SME context
Guangming Cao, Jay Weerawardena [Google Scholar]

Advancing value-based selling research in B2B markets: A theoretical toolbox and research agenda
Joona Keränen, Dirk Totzek, Anna Salonen, Mario Kienzler [Google Scholar]

The dynamic effects of learning: Host country experience and international joint venture termination
Peng Wang, Bin Liu, Teng Niu [Google Scholar]

Gender issues in key account management research: A systematic literature review and avenues for future research
Björn Sven Ivens [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurs: Gender and gendered institutions’ effects in open innovation
Sandra Figueira, Rui Torres de Oliveira, Martie-Louise Verreynne, Tam Nguyen, Marta Indulska, Asif Tanveer [Google Scholar]

Coopetition, organizational agility, and innovation performance in digital new ventures
Runping Guo, Haobo Yin, Xiao Liu [Google Scholar]

Capabilities for data-driven innovation in B2B industrial companies
Taina Eriksson, Marikka Heikkilä [Google Scholar]

Alleviating the negative effects of salesperson depression on performance during a crisis: Examining the role of job resources
Bruno Lussier, Lisa Beeler, Willy Bolander, Nathaniel N. Hartmann [Google Scholar]

Conscientious enterprises: The role of decision makers’ social identity and the preference to engage in B2B relationships
Christine Vallaster, Beate Cesinger, Thomas Niemand, Cornelia Huis, Eva Lienbacher [Google Scholar]

How inter-firm cooperation and conflicts in industrial clusters influence new product development performance? The role of firm innovation capability
Rui Xu, Jianlin Wu, Jibao Gu, Tatbeeq Raza-Ullah [Google Scholar]

VSI: 2022 Summit Special Issue

Development of business-to-business relationships in turbulent environments
Katayoun Zafari, Sergio Biggemann, Tony Garry [Google Scholar]

Traceability in luxury: Harnessing B2B relationships to enhance ethical practices in the luxury industry
Jonas Holmqvist, Christian Kowalkowski [Google Scholar]

The Role of Relational Governance and Dynamic Capabilities for SMEs in B2B Market in Times of Crisis. Edited by Bulent Menguc, Mumin Dayan and Volkan Yeniaras

New product innovations in times of crisis: How did women entrepreneurs survive the COVID-19 crisis?
Gurjeet Kaur Sahi, Pratik Modi, Stanzin Mantok [Google Scholar]

The dark side of Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Marketing Management: Threats and risks of AI adoption. Edited by: Eleonora Pantano, Davit Marikyan and Savvas Papagiannidis

Flipping the odds of AI-driven open innovation: The effectiveness of partner trustworthiness in counteracting interorganizational knowledge hiding
José Arias-Pérez, Thanh Huynh [Google Scholar]

Methodological papers

Improving PLS-SEM use for business marketing research
Peter Guenther, Miriam Guenther, Christian M. Ringle, Ghasem Zaefarian, Severina Cartwright [Google Scholar]

Market Driving in B2B Markets. Edited by: Fiona Schweitzer, Stacey Malek and Shikhar Sarin

Examining the efficacy of non-market and market driving activities of B2B international firms
Huda Khan, Hina Khan, Ibrahim Abosag, Pervez Ghauri [Google Scholar]

Dark Side of Sharing Economy – Managing and sustaining B2B relationships on platforms. Edited by Nripendra P. Rana, Arpan Kumar Kar, Manish Gupta, Ilias O. Pappas and Thanos Papadopoulos

Psychological contract breach and opportunism in the sharing economy: Examining the platform-provider relationship
Barbara Culiberg, Ibrahim Abosag, Barbara Čater [Google Scholar]

Platform-provider relationship dynamics in the sharing economy: Challenges and implications
Dinara Davlembayeva, Savvas Papagiannidis [Google Scholar]

Experimental Research in Industrial Marketing. Edited by: Aulona Ulqinaku, Giampaolo Viglia and Ghasem Zaefarian

A path to build supply chain cyber-resilience through absorptive capacity and visibility: Two empirical studies
Kiarash Sadeghi R., Arash Azadegan, Divesh Ojha [Google Scholar]

Business networks, markets and sustainability. Edited by: Debbie Harrison, Per Carlborg, Nina Hasche and Frans Prenkert

Business networks and sustainability: Past, present and future
Debbie Harrison, Frans Prenkert, Nina Hasche, Per Carlborg [Google Scholar]

Editorial: How to develop a strong research culture
Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Constant Pieters [Google Scholar]