AI and ML in Human Perception and Inferences


Special issue of Computers in Human Behavior; Abstract deadline 31 Jul 2023

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Author: Aparna Sundar

Call for paper: Special issue Computers in Human Behavior

AI and ML in Human Perception and Inferences

Special Issue Editor: Aparna Sundar

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are transformative technologies, that organizations everywhere are investing heavily in. AI has the ability to replicate tasks that require human intelligence utilizing probabilistic outcomes based on existing real-world data to predict future outcomes. ML uses large amounts of data to create and validate decisions logics often mimicking biological neuron signals such as in deep learning or natural language processing (NLP). No-code tools allow business analysts to make ML predictions even without ML experience. In this special issue we evaluate the role of AI in Human Perception and Inferences.

This call aims to mobilize articles that explores considerations in the evolution of AI and ML in human behavior. Very specifically, we seek articles that bring out complexities of AI/human interactions, possible human perceptions, learnings to improve ML and inferences on both the human and machine side that can transform technologies meaningfully. Given the role of AI and ML in the digital evolution of computers, this special issue emphasizes the human response, or psychology toward transformative digital technologies.

This special issue is proposed for Computers in Human Behavior. To make a submission or for more information on the special issue please contact Dr. Aparna Sundar (

Timeline for submission:

  • 200-250 word abstract by July 31st 2023
  • Initial manuscript submission for peer review October 31st 2023