Negative Events in Marketing


Special issue of Business Horizons; Deadline 30 Sep 2023


Author: Dan Laufer


Business Horizons Special Issue

Negative events in marketing

Author submission deadline: September 30, 2023
Publication date: Fall/Winter 2024

Guest Editors:

Dan Laufer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (

Yany Grégoire, HEC Montréal, Canada (

1. Purpose of special issue

Business Horizons invites submissions for a special issue on negative events in marketing. In a recent article reviewing the literature on brand transgression, service failure and recovery, and product harm crisis, Khamitov et al. (2020) called for researchers to examine the interface between these streams to further our understanding of negative events in marketing. Although these three streams all study a similar phenomenondthat is, negative events occurring between consumers and firms/brandsdthey have been developed independently with limited reference to one another.

Beyond brand transgression, service failure and recovery, and product harm crisis, many other streams of research also inform the occurrence of negative events between consumers and firms. These include customer deviance, moral violation, relationship termination, online firestorm, brand sabotage, negative online reviews, brand hate, corporate social irresponsibility, consumer boycott, and negative word-ofmouth, to name a few.

This special issue welcomes submissions that enhance our understanding of negative events inmarketing, and howto respond to them. Consistentwith the mission of Business Horizons,we are looking for submissionswith managerial implications. Ideally, articles from the special issue will prompt readers to think about business practice innewandinnovativeways. For examples of articles previouslypublished in BusinessHorizons related to negative events in marketing, see Gre´goire et al. (2015) and Laufer and Wang (2018).

2. Examples of research themes and questions

As mentioned, research has been conducted on brand transgression, service failure-recovery, product harm crisis and other related topics in isolation. We welcome submissions that advance the literature in these areas in new ways. However, we particularly welcome submissions that integrate different streams together. Both theoretical and empirical submissions are welcome, and the following list of themes and questions are meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive, and to provide an indication of topics we are interested in for this special issue.

  • Further understanding the role of prior relationships on the impact of negative events in marketing.
  • Contrasting the effects of relationships across different touchpoints.
  • Further our understanding of the impact of the initial negative eventdgoing beyond basic attributions, severity, and types of events.
  • Adopting the perspective of the whole customer journey when assessing the impact of negative events in marketing.
  • Incorporating financial and market-based metrics when assessing the impact of negative events in marketing.

For more examples, please see Khamitov et al. (2020).

3. Submission instructions

Submitted manuscripts must not have been published before in their currentdor substantially similardform and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscript submissions for this special issue also should conform to the Business Horizons Guide for Authors ( and MUST be submitted in MS Word document format to BOTH guest editors, Yany Gre´goire ( and Dan Laufer ( For questions regarding this special issuedincluding discussion of specific ideas or topicsdplease contact the aforementioned guest editors. All submissions will be subject to the double-blind peer-review process utilized by Business Horizons.


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