A Multidisciplinary Research Perspective, Special issue of Internet Research; Deadline 31 Dec 2023

POSTING TYPE: Calls: Journals

Author: Yue Meng-Lewis

Internet Research Special Issue on “Esports: A Multidisciplinary Research Perspective”

Issue Editors: Dr. Yue Meng-Lewis, Dr. Hongfei Liu, Prof. Simon Chadwick and Prof. Sascha Schmidt

Over the past decade, the esports industry has experienced remarkable growth in both viewership and revenue, evolving from a niche market into a mainstream global phenomenon. Meanwhile, there is increasing official recognition of the significance of esports by societies, governments, international event organisers, and sports policymakers. The boom of the esports industry, the interconnectedness of multiple platforms and media, and the complex relationships between different stakeholders posit various opportunities and challenges. This special issue aims to firstly, provide a more comprehensive understanding of how esports have transformed the nature of sports – from what is involved and who is involved, to where and how the sport is staged; secondly, to examine the impact of esports development from different disciplinary perspectives. This special issue is expected to advance the understanding of the esports industry and explore its economic, social, technological, and political implications. We welcome multidisciplinary research (including business and management, sociology, media and communication, sports, technology, and political research disciplines) that focuses on exploring the opportunities and challenges of esports research and practice taken from multiple stakeholders’ perspectives. More specifically, we call for conceptual and empirical papers that build or advance theories in esports research and/or address or investigate practical issues and implications in the esports industry.

Closing date for manuscript submission 31/12/2023.

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