Mar Theory


Marketing Theory, 23(2)


Marketing-as-practice: A framework and research agenda for value-creating marketing activity
Per Skålén, Bernard Cova, Johanna Gummerus, and Antti Sihvonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sycomorphism in city branding: The case of Amazon HQ2
Katie R Sullivan, Jens Rennstam, and Jon Bertilsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The r/wallstreetbets ‘war machine’: Explicating dynamics of consumer resistance and capture
Hunter Jones and Joel Hietanen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Re-thinking brand extension theory: Parents, siblings and off-spring or landlords and tenants?
Anne-Marie Hede, Finola Kerrigan, and Maree Thyne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Introduction to the special section: Tribal marketing after Covid
Jack Coffin, Bernard Cova, and Avi Shankar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mundane emotions: Losing yourself in boredom, time and technology
Stephen Murphy, Tim Hill, Pierre McDonagh, and Amanda Flaherty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nurturing an aesthetic tribe: Consuming and (re)producing ‘Quarantine Art’
Iida Hietala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social linking practices across physical distance: The material constitution of sociality
Sarah Schwarz, Christiane Aufschnaiter, and Andrea Hemetsberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumption networks in times of social distancing: Towards entrained solidarity
Gregorio Fuschillo and Simona D’Antone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]