J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 40(4)



Exploration of the applicability of the front-of-package nutrition label to advertising in comparison with the label on the product package
Sumin Shin, SangHee Park [Google Scholar]

Technology-enabled well-being in the era of IR4.0: marketing and public policy implications
Abhijit Roy, Marat Bakpayev, Melanie Florence Boninsegni, Smriti Kumar, Jean-Paul Peronard, Thomas Reimer [Google Scholar]

It’s a force of habit: influences of emotional eating on indulgent tendencies
My Bui, Anjala Krishen, Elyria Kemp [Google Scholar]

This ad’s for you: how personalized SNS advertisements affect the consumer–brand relationship
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Threat specificity in fear appeals: examination of fear response and motivated behavior
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Price sensitivity and online shopping behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic
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IKEA vs Trophy effect – an experimental comparison
Christoph Bühren, Marco Pleßner [Google Scholar]

Identity transition process: a study of the holistic wellness retreat experience
Margarita Lyulicheva, Sheau Fen Yap, Ken Hyde [Google Scholar]

Now that everyone else has panicked, well… I have to panic: regulatory focus predicts panic buying during COVID-19
Guy Moshe Ross [Google Scholar]

Impact of failure severity levels on satisfaction and behavior: from the perspectives of justice theory and regulatory focus theory
Sarabjit Kaur Sidhu, Fon Sim Ong, M.S. Balaji [Google Scholar]