J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 108(5)



Back-translation practices in organizational research: Avoiding loss in translation
Klotz, Anthony C.; Swider, Brian W.; Kwon, Seo Hyun [Google Scholar]

Feeling negative or positive about fresh blood? Understanding veterans’ affective reactions toward newcomer entry in teams from an affective events perspective
Liu, Yihao; Song, Yifan; Trainer, Hayley; Carter, Dorothy; Zhou, Le; Wang, Zheng; Chiang, Jack Ting-Ju [Google Scholar]

Jolted: How task-based jolts disrupt status conferral by impacting higher and lower status individuals’ generosity
Wee, Elijah X. M.; Derfler-Rozin, Rellie; Carson Marr, Jennifer [Google Scholar]

When, why, and for whom is receiving help actually helpful? Differential effects of receiving empowering and nonempowering help based on recipient gender
Lee, Young Eun; Simon, Lauren S.; Koopman, Joel; Rosen, Christopher C.; Gabriel, Allison S.; Yoon, Seoin [Google Scholar]

How is leadership maintained? A longitudinal mediation model linking informal leadership to upward voice through peer advice seeking
Peng, Ann C.; Schaubroeck, John M.; Kim, Dongchul; Zeng, Wei [Google Scholar]

Relationship-specific (dyadic) humility: How your humility predicts my psychological safety and performance
Lehmann, Michal; Pery, Sarit; Kluger, Avraham N.; Hekman, David R.; Owens, Bradley P.; Malloy, Thomas E. [Google Scholar]

Retreating or repairing? Examining the alternate linkages between daily partner-instigated incivility at home and helping at work
Ganster, Mahira L.; Gabriel, Allison S.; Rosen, Christopher C.; Simon, Lauren S.; Butts, Marcus M.; Boswell, Wendy R. [Google Scholar]

The rise of robots increases job insecurity and maladaptive workplace behaviors: Multimethod evidence
Yam, Kai Chi; Tang, Pok Man; Jackson, Joshua Conrad; Su, Runkun; Gray, Kurt [Google Scholar]

Preretirement resources and postretirement life satisfaction change trajectory: Examining the mediating role of retiree experience during retirement transition phase
Zhan, Yujie; Froidevaux, Ariane; Li, Yixuan; Wang, Mo; Shi, Junqi [Google Scholar]