Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 57(5)


Value-dominant logic: organizational principles
Gautam Mahajan, V. Kumar, Marco Tregua, Roberto Bruni [Google Scholar]

Source, message and medium? The role of personal values in forming credibility perceptions of non-sponsored product review videos
Ghadeer R. Alsaeed, Kathleen Anne Keeling, Panagiotis Sarantopoulos, Eman Gadalla [Google Scholar]

How gratitude shapes acceptance of questionable consumer behavior: the mediating role of self-righteousness
Felix Septianto, Nitika Garg, Nidhi Agrawal [Google Scholar]

Listening to strangers more than friends: how recommendations from close- (vs distant-) others influence consumption
Meichen Dong, Ritesh Saini [Google Scholar]

‘I’d never cook it now’: an exploration of intergenerational transference and its role in facilitating family food sustainability
Marylyn Carrigan, Victoria Wells, Navdeep Athwal [Google Scholar]

How and when does top management interaction with customers impact customer satisfaction?
Kemefasu Ifie [Google Scholar]

Are crowdsourcing announcements signals of customer orientation? A comparison of consumer responses to product- versus communication-related campaigns
Xiaohan Wen, S. Sinem Atakan [Google Scholar]

Inferring quality from price: the effect of stereotype threat on price–quality judgments
Lei Song, Rajneesh Suri, Yanliu Huang [Google Scholar]

Consumption coping to deal with pandemic stress: impact on subjective well-being and shifts in consumer behavior
Avinash Jain, Satyabhusan Dash, Naresh K. Malhotra [Google Scholar]

Do not settle for simple assessment: the effects of marketing metric uses on market-sensing capability
Xiaoning Liang, Johanna Frösén, Yuhui Gao [Google Scholar]

Intermediate-level outside-in marketing capabilities, technological innovation, and management innovation
Chen Han, Jiahui Liu, Shuman Zhang, Bo Bernhard Nielsen [Google Scholar]

Mind the game you set for better website patronage
Kriti Krishna, Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, Satish S. Maheswarappa, Ankur Jha [Google Scholar]