Asia Mar J


Asia Marketing Journal, 25(1)


Editorial [Google Scholar]

Together with the Asia Marketing Journal
Jaewon Yoo, Woo Jin Choi, and Minki Kim [Google Scholar]

Attribute Resemblance and Preference for Products: Moderating Effect of Attribute Familiarity
Kwanho Suk [Google Scholar]

Effects of Difference Age and Information Searching Level on Attitudes toward Innovative Product
Sinae Lee and Dongwon Min [Google Scholar]

Effects of Disclosing Discount Code Commissions on Perceived Influencer Sincerity and Attitude toward Discount Code Use
Mira Lee and Taehee Park [Google Scholar]

Research Note

How are the Firms’ Innovative Activities and Credit Rating Signals Received in the Market?
Jeongbin Whang [Google Scholar]