Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 87(1)


Reducing Item Nonresponse to Vote-Choice Questions: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Mexico
Mollie J Cohen ; Kaitlen J Cassell [Google Scholar]

Updating amidst Disagreement: New Experimental Evidence on Partisan Cues
Anthony Fowler; William G Howell [Google Scholar]

“Deservingness” and Public Support for Universal Public Goods: A Survey Experiment
Thomas Gift; Carlos X Lastra-Anadón [Google Scholar]

Experimenting with List Experiments: Interviewer Effects and Immigration Attitudes
Christopher F Karpowitz; Sarah Austin; Jacob Crandall ; Raquel Macias [Google Scholar]

Public Opinion and Cyberterrorism
Ryan Shandler; Nadiya Kostyuk; Harry Oppenheimer [Google Scholar]

Weaving It In: How Political Radio Reacts to Events
Clara Vandeweerdt [Google Scholar]

Experts or Politicians? Citizen Responses to Vaccine Endorsements across Five OECD Countries
Joan Barceló; Greg Chih-Hsin Sheen; Hans H Tung; Wen-Chin Wu [Google Scholar]

How Priming Fairness and Priming Constitutionality Impact the Effect of Partisan Self-Interest on Citizen Support for Election Reforms
Daniel R Biggers; Shaun Bowler [Google Scholar]

The Devil No More? Decreasing Negative Outparty Affect through Asymmetric Partisan Thinking
Wayde Z C Marsh [Google Scholar]

Satisfaction with Democracy: A Review of a Major Public Opinion Indicator
Shane P Singh; Quinton Mayne [Google Scholar]

Affective Polarization in Comparative and Longitudinal Perspective
Diego Garzia; Frederico Ferreira da Silva; Simon Maye [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Taylor N. Carlson and Jaime E. Settle. What Goes Without Saying: Navigating Political Discussion in America
Emily Sydnor

Nathan P. Kalmoe and Lilliana Mason. Radical American Partisanship: Mapping Violent Hostility, Its Causes, and the Consequences for Democracy
Laura Jakli

Stuart N. Soroka and Christopher Wlezien. Information and Democracy: Public Policy in the News. Cambridge University Press. 2022. $99.99 (cloth). $34.99 (paper).
Nate Breznau