Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 40(6)


An examination of frontline employee–customer incidental similarities in service failure and recovery contexts
Kristina K. Lindsey-Hall, Susana Jaramillo, Thomas L. Baker, Daniel G. Bachrach [Google Scholar]

Disembedded consumption increases perceived justice
Lulu Li, Yue Qian, Yixia Sun [Google Scholar]

Hallmarks and potential pitfalls of customer‐ and consumer engagement scales: A systematic review
Linda D. Hollebeek, Marko Sarstedt, Choukri Menidjel, David E. Sprott, Sigitas Urbonavicius [Google Scholar]

How power increases preference for experiential purchases but not for material purchases
Jerry J. Han, Myungjin C. Smale, Jiyoung Lee [Google Scholar]

It’s not mine: Anthropomorphism attenuates the effect of psychological ownership on product‐to‐self judgment
Ziqi Zhang, Qiang (Kris) Zhou, Dengfeng Yan [Google Scholar]

Pricey therefore good? Price affects expectations, but not quality perceptions and liking
Jacqueline Kurz, Emir Efendić, Caroline Goukens [Google Scholar]

Psychology of space tourism marketing, technology, and sustainable development: From a literature review to an integrative framework
Javaneh Mehran, Hossein Olya, Heesup Han [Google Scholar]

Relationship (breakup) reminders drive online advertising effectiveness
Ser Zian Tan, Argho Bandyopadhyay, Felix Septianto [Google Scholar]

The impact of financial scarcity on green consumption: Sequential mediating effects of anxiety and self‐efficacy
Rui Zhang, Qinhai Ma, Dongxiao Guan [Google Scholar]

The more the better? The negative effect of disseminators’ donations in online donation
Guowei Zhu, Jinfeng Lu, Li Zhou, Yingyu Luo [Google Scholar]

The proximal self: Why material objects are particularly relevant for consumers’ self‐definition
Philipp Scharfenberger, Daniel Wentzel, Luk Warlop, Verena Riegler [Google Scholar]

What drives sponsorship effectiveness? An examination of the roles of brand community identification, brand authenticity, and sponsor–club congruence
Tapas Ranjan Moharana, Debashree Roy Bhattacharjee, Debasis Pradhan, Abhisek Kuanr [Google Scholar]

What is it like to be idle versus busy for a service machine?
Magnus Söderlund [Google Scholar]

Why we like to touch: Consumers’ tactile esthetic appreciation explained by a balanced combination of unity and variety in product designs
Ruben A. G. Post, Janneke Blijlevens, Paul Hekkert, Daniel Saakes, Luis Arango [Google Scholar]