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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 73



A decision support model for buying battery electric vehicles considering consumer learning and psychological behavior
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“New and old”: Consumer evaluations of co-branding between new brands and Chinese time-honored brands
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A technology-people-integrated toolkit for retail care management during a crisis
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The neurophysiological mechanisms underlying brand personality consumer attraction: EEG and GSR evidence
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Logistics mode strategy of firms selling fresh products on e-commerce platforms with private brand introduction
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Green cooperation in last-mile logistics and consumer loyalty: An empirical analysis of a theoretical framework
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Appreciation vs. apology: Research on the influence mechanism of chatbot service recovery based on politeness theory
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Effects of face masks and photo tags on nonverbal communication in service encounters
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New products or remanufactured products: Which is consumer-friendly under a closed-loop multi-level supply chain?
Ata Allah Taleizadeh, Mohammad Sadegh Moshtagh, Behdin Vahedi-Nouri, Biswajit Sarkar [Google Scholar]

Understanding the link between customer feedback metrics and firm performance
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Effect of bargaining on pricing and retailing under a green supply chain management
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Mastering care management strategies to improve retailing: Mechanisms, capabilities, impacts and emerging opportunities
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WHY do YOU care about me? The impact of retailers’ customer care activities on customer orientation perceptions and store patronage intentions
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Does justice affect brand advocacy? Online brand advocacy behaviors as a response to hotel customers’ justice perceptions
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Whether to trust chatbots: Applying the event-related approach to understand consumers’ emotional experiences in interactions with chatbots in e-commerce
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The retailer’s brand promotion strategy under competition: The impact of supply uncertainty
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Food-leftover sharing intentions of consumers: An extension of the theory of planned behavior
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The moderating influence of brand image on consumers’ adoption of QR-code e-wallets
Muhammad Iskandar Hamzah, Faten Aisyah Ahmad Ramli, Norman Shaw [Google Scholar]

Factors influencing the consumers’ behavioural intention to use online food delivery service: Empirical evidence from Taiwan
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Consequences of consumer regret with online shopping
Sergio Barta, Raquel Gurrea, Carlos Flavián [Google Scholar]

Institutional trust and repurchase intention in the sharing economy: The moderating roles of information privacy concerns and security concerns
Baozhou Lu, Xiaoyang Yi [Google Scholar]

What do consumers want? A methodological framework to identify determinant product attributes from consumers’ online questions
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The role of blockchain-enabled traceability, task technology fit, and user self-efficacy in mobile food delivery applications
Khuram Shahzad, Qingyu Zhang, Abaid Ullah Zafar, Muhammad Ashfaq, Shafique Ur Rehman [Google Scholar]

Impact of minimalist practices on consumer happiness and financial well-being
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Can AI benefit individual resilience? The mediation roles of AI routinization and infusion
Qian Hu, Zhao Pan [Google Scholar]

With great power comes great responsibilities – Examining platform-based mechanisms and institutional trust in rideshare services
Hawazen Alamoudi, Aijaz A. Shaikh, Majed Alharthi, Ganesh Dash [Google Scholar]

Visual cues during shoppers’ journeys: An exploratory paper
Patricia Huddleston, Mary Tuski Coveyou, Bridget K. Behe [Google Scholar]

The impact of information sharing and bullwhip effects on improving consumer services in dual-channel retailing
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Analysis of customers’ satisfaction with baby products: The moderating role of brand image
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Resource reallocation strategies for sustainable efficiency improvement of retail chains
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How does ad relevance affect consumers’ attitudes toward personalized advertisements and social media platforms? The role of information co-ownership, vulnerability, and privacy cynicism
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The role of consumers’ construal level in art-infusion-type effect on retail product evaluation
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The bright side of disorganization: When surprise generates low-price signals
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Cosmetics makers have always sold ‘hope in a jar’! Understanding the cosmetics purchase intention in the Chinese mobile commerce environment
Umair Akram, Aisha Rehman Ansari, Irfan ulhaq, Chen Yan [Google Scholar]

Measuring customer aggression: Scale development and validation
Gary Mortimer, Shasha Wang, María Lucila Osorio Andrade [Google Scholar]

Impact of movie-watching on cross-selling revenue in shopping malls: Implications for post-pandemic recovery
Myounggu Lee, Jihoon Cho, Youngju Kim, Hye-Jin Kim [Google Scholar]

Supervisor incivility and frontline employees’ performance amid the COVID-19 pandemic: A multilevel moderated mediation analysis
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“What goes around comes around”: Activating sustainable consumption with curvilinear effects of karma determinants
Cong Doanh Duong [Google Scholar]

Moderator variables in consumer research: A call for caution
Magnus Söderlund [Google Scholar]

Consumers buying behaviour towards agri-food products: A mixed-method approach
Mujahid Siddiqui, Debarun Chakraborty, Aaliyah Siddiqui [Google Scholar]

Leveraging perceived HPWS to improve service encounter quality in high-contact service industries
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Evaluating store location and department composition based on spatial heterogeneity in sales potential
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There is a secret to success: Linking customer experience management practices to profitability
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The determinants of users’ intention to adopt telehealth: Health belief, perceived value and self-determination perspectives
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How do virtual streamers affect purchase intention in the live streaming context? A presence perspective
Wei Gao, Ning Jiang, Qingqing Guo [Google Scholar]

Content creators’ participation in the creator economy: Examining the effect of creators’ content sharing frequency on user engagement behavior on digital platforms
Wondwesen Tafesse, Mumin Dayan [Google Scholar]

Investigation of the ordering behavior of a retailer in the revenue sharing and buyback contracts considering round number bias
Rozhin Sharifi, Hamideh Razavi, Ehsan Elahi [Google Scholar]

Magic odd numbers: The effect of numerical parity on variety-seeking
Yan Wang, Jing Jiang, Ying Yang [Google Scholar]

The influence of a lockdown on consumption: An exploratory study on generation Z’s consumers
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Strategic product showcasing mode of E-commerce live streaming
Baogui Xin, Yaru Hao, Lei Xie [Google Scholar]

Anti-counterfeiting advertisements for luxury brands in the post pandemic era: Roles of message type, visual presentation mode, and self-construal
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Investigating innovation diffusion, social influence, and personal inner forces to understand people’s participation in online e-waste recycling
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A quality function deployment framework for service strategy planning
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Quantifying the influence of customer experience on consumer share-of-category
Phil Klaus, Volker G. Kuppelwieser, Kristina Heinonen [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence as a boundary-crossing object for employee engagement and performance
Catherine Prentice, IpKin Anthony Wong, Zhiwei (CJ) Lin [Google Scholar]

Effect of time stress and store visibility on the dynamics of passenger activity choices at airport terminals based on indoor trajectory data
Yi-Shih Chung, Ya-Han Ku [Google Scholar]

Barriers of food delivery applications: A perspective from innovation resistance theory using mixed method
Anuj Verma, Debarun Chakraborty, Meenakshi Verma [Google Scholar]

Platform perspective verse user perspective: The role of expression perspective in privacy disclosure
Yingyu Luo, Li Zhou, Jing Huang, Xiaoxin Wang, Rui Sun, Guowei Zhu [Google Scholar]

Mitigating panic buying behavior in the epidemic: An evolutionary game perspective
Haiyan Shan, Wenjie Pi [Google Scholar]

Manufacturer encroachment with competing dual-purpose online retail platforms
Song Huang, Yuqing Chen [Google Scholar]

As a Chinese saying goes, ‘To get rich, first pave the way’: The opening of high-speed rail and automobile consumption in China
Liang Yuan, Xiaoming Fan [Google Scholar]

Morning deals make me feel smart: Consumer evaluations of online sales promotions differ by time of day
Yookyung Park, Youjae Yi [Google Scholar]

Investigating the impact of intelligent personal assistants on the purchase intentions of Generation Z consumers: The moderating role of brand credibility
Wenshan Guo, Qiangqiang Luo [Google Scholar]

The impact of reverse logistics process coordination on third party relationship quality: A moderated mediation model for multichannel retailers in the fashion industry
Mahin Haq, Muhammad Moazzam, Abdul Salam Khan, Waqas Ahmed [Google Scholar]

The importance of personal norms and situational expectancies to sustainable behaviors: The norm activation and situational expectancy-value theories
Stacy H.N. Lee, Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang, Li Zhao [Google Scholar]

Can information and communication overload influence smartphone app users’ social network exhaustion, privacy invasion and discontinuance intention? A cognition-affect-conation approach
Hua Pang, Yang Ruan [Google Scholar]

Do cultural orientations moderate the effect of online review features on review helpfulness? A case study of online movie reviews
Juan Kong, Chen Lou [Google Scholar]

Is the online-offline buy-online-pickup-in-store retail strategy best among other product delivery strategies under variable lead time?
Biswajit Sarkar, Sumi Kar, Kajla Basu, Yong Won Seo [Google Scholar]

Role of multidimensional customer brand engagement on customer behavior for online grocery shopping
JungKun Park, EunPyo Hong, Jiseon Ahn, Hyowon Hyun [Google Scholar]

Avatar-mediated experience in the metaverse: The impact of avatar realism on user-avatar relationship
Do Yuon Kim, Ha Kyung Lee, Kyunghwa Chung [Google Scholar]

“I got it FIRST”: Antecedents of competitive consumption of a new product
Jihye Park, Wenhan Li [Google Scholar]

Text mining approach to explore determinants of grocery mobile app satisfaction using online customer reviews
Avinash Kumar, Shibashish Chakraborty, Pradip Kumar Bala [Google Scholar]

A glimpse of the future retail customer experience – Guidelines for research and practice
Philipp “Phil” Klaus, Volker Kuppelwieser [Google Scholar]