J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 163



Anticipatory value-in-use in early-stage digital health service transformations: How consumers assess value propositions before and after abrupt, exogenous shocks
Andrew J. Dahl, James W. Peltier, Eric L. Swan [Google Scholar]

Network governance institutionalization: Creating mutual value by harnessing and avoiding conflicts in interorganizational networks
Thomas Clauss, Paavo Ritala [Google Scholar]

Knowledge digitization: Characteristics, knowledge advantage and innovation performance
Qiang Cheng, Yue Liu, Chun Peng, Xingsong He, Zhouqin Qu, Qianyu Dong [Google Scholar]

The role of time management of female tech entrepreneurs in practice: Diary and interview results from an innovative cluster
Stacy Brecht, Séverine Le Loarne-Lemaire, Sascha Kraus, Adnane Maalaoui [Google Scholar]

Does digital transformation improve the firm’s performance? From the perspective of digitalization paradox and managerial myopia
Xiaochuan Guo, Mengmeng Li, Yanlin Wang, Abbas Mardani [Google Scholar]

Banking the unbanked. Constitutive rules and the institutionalization of mobile payment systems in Nigeria
Michael Ehret, Rotimi Olaniyan [Google Scholar]

Innovation activity and the outcomes of B2C, B2B, and B2G E-Commerce in EU countries
Marinko Skare, Beata Gavurova, Martin Rigelsky [Google Scholar]

“From Full-Time to Part-Time”: Motivation model for the turbulence-hit knowledge workers
Manish Gupta, Abhishek Behl, Vijay Pereira, Dorra Yahiaoui, Arup Varma [Google Scholar]

The interplay between market need urgency, entrepreneurial push and pull insights and opportunity confidence in the course of new venture creation in the developing country context
Amir Emami, Esin Yoruk, Paul Jones [Google Scholar]

Narcissistic CEOs and their corporate political activity
Michael Greiner, Jaemin Kim, Jennifer Cordon Thor [Google Scholar]

Prosumers’ intention to co-create business value and the moderating role of digital media usage
Sheshadri Chatterjee, Marcello Mariani, Samuel Fosso Wamba [Google Scholar]

Encouraging Respect?: Understanding consumers’ perspective on the two-way evaluation system in a sharing economy
Emi Moriuchi [Google Scholar]

Work meaningfulness and performance among healthcare professionals: The role of professional respect and participative management
Qin Zhou, Claudia Sacramento, Ieva Martinaityte [Google Scholar]

Long-term effects of COVID-19 on work routines and organizational culture – A case study within higher education’s administration
Lea S. Müller, Sebastian Reiners, Jörg Becker, Guido Hertel [Google Scholar]

Do non-executive employees matter in curbing corporate financial fraud?
Fang Wu, June Cao, Xiaosan Zhang [Google Scholar]

Success begets success! Exploring the carry-over effects of total underwriting effort on post-IPO issuer firm outcomes
Louis T.W. Cheng, Piyush Sharma, Siyuan Yan [Google Scholar]

Pictures of a crisis. Destination marketing organizations’ Instagram communication before and during a global health crisis
Emanuele Mele, Raffaele Filieri, Manuela De Carlo [Google Scholar]

Speaking fast and slow: How speech rate of digital assistants affects likelihood to use
Brett Christenson, Christine Ringler, Nancy J. Sirianni [Google Scholar]

An advanced method to streamline p-hacking
Marko Sarstedt, Susanne J. Adler [Google Scholar]

From entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems to the social economy ecosystem
Belen Catala, Teresa Savall, Rafael Chaves-Avila [Google Scholar]

Unconventional luxury: The reappropriation of time and substance
Sheila Malone, Caroline Tynan, Sally McKechnie [Google Scholar]

“A Little Thanks Changes My World”: When and why dirty work employees feel meaningfulness at work
Guanglei Zhang, Huaying Wang, Mingze Li [Google Scholar]

A look at the future of work: The digital transformation of teams from conventional to virtual
Davor Vuchkovski, Maja Zalaznik, Maciej Mitręga, Gregor Pfajfar [Google Scholar]

Integrating digital platform dynamics into customer orientation research: A systematic review and research agenda
Carolin Castell, Jasmin Kiefer, Sebastian Schubach, Jan H. Schumann, Lorenz Graf-Vlachy, Andreas König [Google Scholar]

Marketing without trust? – Blockchain technologies in the sharing economy as assemblage and pharmakon
Paul Haynes, Joel Hietanen [Google Scholar]

Influencer marketing and the growth of affiliates: The effects of language features on engagement behavior
Holly A. Syrdal, Susan Myers, Sandipan Sen, Parker J. Woodroof, William C. McDowell [Google Scholar]

Why airdrop cryptocurrency tokens?
Darcy W.E. Allen, Chris Berg, Aaron M. Lane [Google Scholar]

The effect of CEO prominence on cross-border acquisitions: An international entrepreneurship approach
Yeongsu Anthony Kim, Feng Helen Liang [Google Scholar]

Community financing in entrepreneurship: A focus on women entrepreneurs in the developing world
Amon Simba, Oyedele Martins Ogundana, Eric Braune, Léo–Paul Dana [Google Scholar]

Digitalization generates equality? Enterprises’ digital transformation, financing constraints, and labor share in China
Chengming Li, Peng Huo, Zeyu Wang, Weiguang Zhang, Feiyan Liang, Abbas Mardani [Google Scholar]

How to build a brand-oriented family firm: The impact of socioemotional wealth (SEW) dimensions
Víctor Temprano-García, Hector Pérez-Fernández, Javier Rodríguez-Pinto, Ana Isabel Rodríguez-Escudero, Ismael Barros-Contreras [Google Scholar]