Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 35(5)


How to elevate the quantity and quality of contributors for crowdsourcing tasks: the double-edged role of task reward
Dianwen Wang, Yupeng Mou, Zhihua Ding, Xuehui Jiang [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ cultural identity under glocalization: Vietnamese consumers’ global and national identities and their cross-cultural consumption
Ho Jung Choo, Ha Kyung Lee, Jiali Xie [Google Scholar]

Impacts of emotional regulation, adaptive selling and customer-oriented behavior on sales performance: the moderating role of job resourcefulness
Szu-Yu Kuo, Ya-Ling Kao, Jia-Wei Tang, Pei-Hsuan Tsai [Google Scholar]

The effects of organizational positioning and donation recognition on charitable giving: insights from moral foundations theory
Widya Paramita, Felix Septianto, Marco Escadas, Devi Arnita, Reza Ashari Nasution [Google Scholar]

Factors influencing consumer use of a sport-branded app: the technology acceptance model integrating app quality and perceived enjoyment
Doyeon Won, Weisheng Chiu, Hyun Byun [Google Scholar]

The sooner, the better? Interactions of stakeholders in online food delivery service platforms
Tengxiao Jiao, Xiaohua Zhao, Xianguo Li [Google Scholar]

Investigating the live streaming sales from the perspective of the ecosystem: the structures, processes and value flow
Jin Xue, Matthew Tingchi Liu [Google Scholar]

The fashion retailer’s opportunity: effect of deal-seeking behavior on mobile shopping intention of showroomers
Pradeepkumar Chokkannan, Saripalli Bhavani Shankar, Murugan Pattusamy [Google Scholar]

Tourists’ perceptions of and reactions to child sex tourism: an exploratory qualitative investigation
Joshua Aston, Jun Wen, Shaohua Yang [Google Scholar]

Developing a feature-centric and affordance-based conceptualization of social media interactions
Laszlo Sajtos, Joanne T. Cao, Wen Zhang, Gabrielle Peko, David Sundaram [Google Scholar]

Is kindness invaluable? The impact of benefit and cost on prosocial behavior intentions
Chyi Jaw, Kuei-Ju Chi, Guan-Jia Li [Google Scholar]

The trinity of extended service quality, distinct perceived value, and customer loyalty facilitators
Dae Hui Lee [Google Scholar]

Does social exclusion lead to a decrease in green consumption? The roles of loss of control and unwillingness to sacrifice
Jing Wang, Zunli Liu [Google Scholar]