Experiential Consumption


Special issue of the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research; Deadline 1 Jul 2024

POSTING TYPE: Calls: Journals

Author: James Ellis

JACR Issue on Experiential Consumption

Issue Editors: Joseph K. Goodman, Jeff Galak, and Kristin Diehl

Experiences have been a central part of marketing and consumer behavior research for decades. More recently, both practitioners and consumer researchers have had a particular interest in understanding the many aspects of experiential consumption. This is a timely topic for both academics and practitioners because the way consumers engage in experiential consumption has changed dramatically. While in-person experiences have soared in recent years, especially since COVID restrictions have been lifted (Lynch 2022; Momentum Worldwide 2019), they are complemented by a host of digital formats (e.g., more traditional online formats as well as hybrid, or virtual reality formats). With those changes in format, what consumers may consider experiential consumption may have changed as well. How can consumer research provide new insights into the customer experience and experiential consumption? Are there new findings, ideas, and conceptualizations that can spark new thinking and research on experiential consumption more broadly? This special issue will ask and help answer these questions.

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Editorial Timeline

  • Pre-submission session at ACR 2023
  • Initial manuscript submission: April 1 – July 1, 2024
  • Deadline for submission of accepted manuscripts: June 1, 2025
  • Publication Date: October 2025