J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 162



Analysis of security and privacy issues of information management of big data in B2B based healthcare systems
Brij B. Gupta, Akshat Gaurav, Prabin Kumar Panigrahi [Google Scholar]

Emergence in emergency: How actors adapt to service ecosystem disruption
Helen Thompson-Whiteside, Judith Fletcher-Brown, Karen Middleton, Sarah Turnbull [Google Scholar]

The making of marketing decisions in modern marketing environments
Fredrik Nordin, Annika Ravald [Google Scholar]

Indicators for innovation ecosystem health: A Delphi study
Dieudonnee Cobben, Ward Ooms, Nadine Roijakkers [Google Scholar]

Social influence research in consumer behavior: What we learned and what we need to learn? – A hybrid systematic literature review
Ramulu Bhukya, Justin Paul [Google Scholar]

Interlinking organisational resources, AI adoption and omnichannel integration quality in Ghana’s healthcare supply chain
Amelie Abadie, Mélanie Roux, Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Prasanta Dey [Google Scholar]

Be alert to dangers: Collapse and avoidance strategies of platform ecosystems
Wenqi Duan, Chen Li [Google Scholar]

Corporate populism: How corporations construct and represent ‘the people’ in political contestations
Daniel Nyberg, John Murray [Google Scholar]

Coordination mechanisms and the role of taskscape in value co-creation: The British ‘milkman’
Christian Hörger, Philippa Ward [Google Scholar]

Modelling social inclusion, self-esteem, loneliness, psychological distress, and psychological resilience of refugees: Does hospitableness matter?
Levent Altinay, Zaid Alrawadieh, Oto Hudec, Nataša Urbančíková, Hasan Evrim Arici [Google Scholar]

Deparadoxification and value focus in sharing ventures: Concealing paradoxes in strategic decision-making
Dirk Schneckenberg, Steffen Roth, Vivek K. Velamuri [Google Scholar]

The effect of job security, insecurity, and burnout on employee organizational commitment
Amitabh Anand, Audrey Dalmasso, Saeedeh Rezaee Vessal, Nakul Parameswar, James Rajasekar, Manoranjan Dhal [Google Scholar]

Developing business incubation process frameworks: A systematic literature review
Kanza Sohail, Maksim Belitski, Liza Castro Christiansen [Google Scholar]

Robots and firm innovation: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing
Lei Wang, Yahong Zhou, Benjamin Chiao [Google Scholar]

Corporate social responsibility in family firms: Can corporate communication affect CSR performance?
Enrico Battisti, Niccolò Nirino, Erasmia Leonidou, Antonio Salvi [Google Scholar]

How climate change affects enterprise inventory management —— From the perspective of regional traffic
Xin He, Xinwei Xu, Yu Shen [Google Scholar]

Digital governance: A conceptual framework and research agenda
Marvin Hanisch, Curtis M. Goldsby, Nicolai E. Fabian, Jana Oehmichen [Google Scholar]

What if authoritarian to all or to some? A multi-level investigation of within-team differentiation in authoritarian leadership
Zahide Karakitapoğlu-Aygün, Lale Gumusluoglu, Alper Erturk, Terri A. Scandura [Google Scholar]

Impact of socioeconomic values collaboration on performance in franchising
Vivek K. Dubey, Joseph M. Matthes, Amit Saini [Google Scholar]

The influence of relative popularity on negative fake reviews: A case study on restaurant reviews
Yuanshuo Li, Zili Zhang, Susanne Pedersen, Xudong Liu, Ziqiong Zhang [Google Scholar]

Market orientation, technological opportunity, and new product innovation performance
Yan Qu, Abbas Mardani [Google Scholar]

The anti-money laundering risk assessment: A probabilistic approach
Henry Ogbeide, Mary Elizabeth Thomson, Mustafa Sinan Gonul, Andrew Castairs Pollock, Sanjay Bhowmick, Abdullahi Usman Bello [Google Scholar]

Does consumer privacy act influence firm performance in the retail industry? Evidence from a US state-level law change
Pankaj C. Patel, Pejvak Oghazi, S. Arunachalam [Google Scholar]

Digging DEEP: Futuristic building blocks of omni-channel healthcare supply chains resiliency using machine learning approach
Anil Kumar, Farheen Naz, Sunil Luthra, Rajat Vashistha, Vikas Kumar, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Deepak Chhabra [Google Scholar]

Effect of innovative-city pilot policy on industry–university–research collaborative innovation
Juying Zeng, Zhenzhen Ning, Carlos Lassala, Samuel Ribeiro-Navarrete [Google Scholar]

Toward an integration of blockchain technology in the food supply chain
Claudia Cozzio, Giampaolo Viglia, Linda Lemarie, Stefania Cerutti [Google Scholar]

When injured product users may also stay satisfied: A macro-level analysis
Shashank Vaid, Naveen Donthu [Google Scholar]

Preference for partner or servant brand roles depends on consumers’ power distance belief
Patrick van Esch, Yuanyuan (Gina) Cui, April Sledge, Gopal Das, Erol Pala [Google Scholar]

Unappreciated channel of manufacturing productivity under industry 4.0: Leadership values and capabilities
Marina Dabić, Jane F. Maley, Rok Črešnar, Zlatko Nedelko [Google Scholar]

Deconstructing self-organisation in microentrepreneurship: A social embeddedness perspective
Amon Simba, Yan Wang, Francisco del Olmo García [Google Scholar]

Virtual interactions and sports viewing on social live streaming platforms: The role of co-creation experiences, platform involvement, and follow status
Tyreal Yizhou Qian, Chad Seifried [Google Scholar]

Navigating political risk: Protectionism and ownership strategy in cross-border M&As
Ru-Shiun Liou, Leon Faifman, Kimberly Ellis [Google Scholar]

Family business research: A systematic review and an uncelebrated role of marketing
Ioannis Kinias, Spyridon Chalis, Loukas Glyptis [Google Scholar]