J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 184(2)



Constructing a ‘Different’ Strength: A Feminist Exploration of Vulnerability, Ethical Agency and Care
Janet Johansson, Alice Wickström [Google Scholar]

When do Non-financial Goals Benefit Stakeholders? Theorizing on Care and Power in Family Firms
Melanie Richards [Google Scholar]

In the Club? How Categorization and Contact Impact the Board Gender Diversity-Firm Performance Relationship
Andre Havrylyshyn, Donald J. Schepker, Anthony J. Nyberg [Google Scholar]

Changing Lens: Broadening the Research Agenda of Women in Management in China
Fang Lee Cooke [Google Scholar]

Does CEO–Auditor Dialect Connectedness Trigger Audit Opinion Shopping? Evidence from China
Xingqiang Du, Liang Xiao, Yingjie Du [Google Scholar]

A Mixed Blessing? CEOs’ Moral Cleansing as an Alternative Explanation for Firms’ Reparative Responses Following Misconduct
Joel B. Carnevale, K. Ashley Gangloff [Google Scholar]

Experimental Effects of Institutionalizing Co-determination by a Procedurally Fair Bidding Rule
Federica Alberti, Werner Güth, Kei Tsutsui [Google Scholar]

The Escalation of Organizational Moral Failure in Public Discourse: A Semiotic Analysis of Nokia’s Bochum Plant Closure
Lauri Wessel, Riku Ruotsalainen, Henri A. Schildt, Christopher Wickert [Google Scholar]

A Network Approach to Compliance: A Complexity Science Understanding of How Rules Shape Behavior
Malouke Esra Kuiper, Monique Chambon, Anne Leonore de Bruijn, Chris Reinders Folmer, Elke Hindina Olthuis, Megan Brownlee, Emmeke Barbara Kooistra, Adam Fine, Frenk van Harreveld, Gabriela Lunansky, Benjamin van Rooij [Google Scholar]

Are Business Ethics Effective? A Market Failures Approach to Impact Investing
Rodney Schmidt [Google Scholar]

Sustainable Procurement Practice: The Effect of Procurement Officers’ Perceptions
Daniel Etse, Adela McMurray, Nuttawuth Muenjohn [Google Scholar]