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A new editorial team is sought for the journal Marketing Letters

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Author: Russ Winer

Call for nominations for editor(s) of Marketing Letters

A new editorial team is being sought for Marketing Letters to succeed Joel Huber, Aparna Labroo, and Russ Winer.

Started by Don Lehmann and now in its 34th volume, Marketing Letters seeks to publish short papers (less than 5000 words or about 20 double-spaced pages) from any field of marketing where the emphasis is given to the contribution rather than the rigor of the methodology.  Second, in the Replications Corner section, the goal is to conceptually replicate and extend the most interesting and impactful papers in our field in order to consolidate and expand our collective knowledge base.

Applicants can come from any subfield of marketing and should have prior reviewing and editing experience.  We seek individuals who embrace the mission of journal and who seek to enhance its impact on the field.

More information about the journal can be found at

Suggestions, self-nominations, and teams are welcomed.  Please send your resumes or inquiries to Russ Winer,