The Future of Corporate Digital Responsibility


Two workshops, Maastricht on 15 Jun 2023 and Paderborn on 21 Sep 2023


Author: Lara Lobschat

Workshops on the Future of Corporate Digital Responsibility

In recent years, corporations have faced ever-increasing pressure to face digitalization as one of the key topics that drive executive agendas. From the development of new business models, products, and services to the digitalization and virtualization of key operating processes – a trend further fueled by the need to respond to protective measures in the context of the Corona pandemic – entering the digital realm is no longer just a topic that matters to “digital native” organizations. Rather, incumbent businesses and their inherently non-digital business and operating models are also facing the need to step into the digital realm. Consequently, more and more organizations seek guidance not only on what to digitalize, but rather on how to approach this step. At the same time, in light of both social (e.g., scandals related to data leakages) and political pressures (e.g., regulatory advances such as the European Union’s GDPR and AI act initiatives), this how-question is not simply a procedural one but has become one related to norms and values. In effect, key actors in corporations – from their executives to their employees – seek guidance on what norms and values define good behaviors in an increasingly digitalized world and ramp up their efforts to devise governance approaches that ensure corporate behaviors that comply with these norms across levels. Studying this duality and developing relevant insight to inform managerial practice and policymaking are at the heart of the emergent discourse on corporate digital responsibility (CDR).

To help shape the future of the CDR discourse, we, i.e., Lara Lobschat (Maastricht University) and Benjamin Mueller (University of Bremen) are hosting a series of workshops this summer to provide the emergent research community with crystallization points for sharing experiences, building and fostering collaborations, and jointly envisioning a research agenda.

The first of these workshops will be hosted in conjunction with the “Frontiers in Service 2023” conference in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on June 15. Information on the program and on how to participate can be found here:

The second workshop will be hosted in conjunction with the “International Conference on Business Informatics and Information Systems 2023” in Paderborn, Germany, on September 21. Information on the program and on how to participate can be found here:

We are especially encouraging researchers who have first experiences with CDR projects to come and join the discussions. Both workshops aim at mapping out current research efforts and building a future research agenda and will provide participants with great opportunities to jointly shape this discourse’s exciting future path. In case of questions, please feel free to contact the organizers listed on the respective event’s homepage.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Future of CDR!