Product or Brand Anthropomorphism


Unpublished empirical studies about anthropomorphism are requested


We are a team of researchers currently conducting a meta-analysis of consumer research related to product/brand anthropomorphism. To this end, we are requesting that researchers who may have in-process work, manuscripts under review, or file drawer empirical studies related to this topic would consider sharing their findings with us by April 29, 2023.

Anonymity can be preserved to the extent that contributing researchers prefer, and we are happy to cite working papers/unpublished manuscripts in ways consistent with researchers’ preferences.

Please note: We are not requesting original data files; we are only requesting the specific statistics needed for the meta-analysis, which include: sample sizes, effect sizes (specifically those for contrasts comparing the anthropomorphism and control conditions); reliability/Cronbach alphas for manipulation checks and dependent variables; as well as basic information about the study and its design (i.e., mean age, gender split, country of data collection, subject pool, etc.). However, if the authors prefer to share their original data and let us derive those results, this is fine too.

We have set up an anonymous Gmail address where interested researchers can share the aforementioned information and/or any questions they might have:

We have chosen to maintain our anonymity given this meta-analysis is being conducted as part of an ongoing double-blind review process. Finally, we are happy to share all results with anyone interested upon acceptance of the project.

Thank you in advance for helping us understand the impact of anthropomorphism in marketing with as broad a perspective as possible!