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Reminders of two open calls for papers, and an upcoming webinar on research priorities


Author: Nanette Burns

Journal of Advertising Research Revisits

Calls for Papers Deadlines May 8 and July 3:

Prosocial Advertising Messages

Rolling submissions deadline through Monday, May 8, 2023

Among the dozen-plus suggested possible areas of focus:

  • Understanding and developing advertising’s role in alleviating poverty, and in bridging racial and economic divides
  • Understanding advertising’s role in developing public policy that has implications for societal issues
  • Creating messages that have an impact of individual behavior that can affect such topics as climate change and mental health
  • Developing campaigns that reduce public stigma in potentially biased situations such as gender, racial, sexual identity, and mental or physical health related biases
  • Testing a range of theoretically sound communication strategies to support eco-friendly behaviors

For further details and to watch the Special Issue Editor’s webinar about this call for papers, click here.

Insights for Advertisers on Immersive Technologies: The Future of Advertising Using VR, AR and the Metaverse

Rolling submissions deadline through Monday, July 3, 2023

Among the suggested areas of focus:

  • Identifying cognitive processes triggered by immersive technologies, leading to increased advertising recall
  • Understanding, creating, and influencing consumer persuasion through integrating two or more immersive technologies
  • Evaluating the potential of mixing social media with various immersive technologies to change attitudes, behaviors, or customer relationships
  • Examining how spatial-, social-, or self-presence affects the consumer experience and engagement with immersive advertisements
  • Investigating sensory simulation methods that communicate non-audiovisual sensory information (e.g., smells, textures, temperatures, tastes) using immersive technologies leading to enhanced consumer experiences and increased advertising engagement.
  • Assessing how the ability to personalize avatars within immersive advertising affects consumers’ attention, attitude formation, and behavior

For further information and to watch the Special Issue Editors’ webinar, click here.

Webinar Recording: JAR Research Priorities

Watch advertising experts Leslie Wood (Best Paper winner, most recently at NCSolutions) and Graeme Hutton (Universal McCann), together with Editor-in-Chief Colin Campbell discuss the list of nearly a dozen research topics developed in close consultation with the advertising industry. The goal: to inspire academics to focus on areas where research is needed most by practitioners, including Attention, AI & Machine Learning, AR/VR & the Metaverse, Navigating Privacy and Personalization.

Watch the recording of this event here.

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