J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 152(3)



Tribalism and tribulations: The social costs of not sharing fake news
Lawson, M. Asher; Anand, Shikhar; Kakkar, Hemant [Google Scholar]

How does social status relate to self-esteem and emotion? An integrative test of hierometer theory and social rank theory
Mahadevan, Nikhila; Gregg, Aiden P.; Sedikides, Constantine [Google Scholar]

Adaptive behavior in optimal sequential search
Baumann, Christiane; Schlegelmilch, René; von Helversen, Bettina [Google Scholar]

Understanding the visual constraints on lexical processing: New empirical and simulation results
Veldre, Aaron; Reichle, Erik D.; Yu, Lili; Andrews, Sally [Google Scholar]

Does a brief exposure to literary fiction improve social ability? Assessing the evidential value of published studies with a p-curve
Quinlan, Joshua A.; Padgett, Jessica K.; Khajehnassiri, Amin; Mar, Raymond A. [Google Scholar]

Time-dependent emotional memory transformation: Divergent pathways of item memory and contextual dependency
Cox, Wouter R.; Meeter, Martijn; Kindt, Merel; van Ast, Vanessa A. [Google Scholar]

Subjective assessments of cognition and affect and their relationship with objective performance: Individuals with high levels of cognitive failures or negative affect miss more rare visual targets
Goodhew, Stephanie C.; Edwards, Mark [Google Scholar]

Practice-related changes in perceptual evidence accumulation correlate with changes in working memory
Schmiedek, Florian; Lövdén, Martin; Ratcliff, Roger; Lindenberger, Ulman [Google Scholar]

Genetic and environmental links between executive functioning and effortful control in middle childhood
Rea-Sandin, Gianna; Clifford, Sierra; Doane, Leah D.; Davis, Mary C.; Grimm, Kevin J.; Russell, Madisen T.; Lemery-Chalfant, Kathryn [Google Scholar]

Does language rule perception? Testing a radical view of linguistic relativity
Baier, Diane; Choi, Soonja; Goller, Florian; Nam, Yunju; Ansorge, Ulrich [Google Scholar]

The developing impact of verbal labels on visual memories in children
Overkott, Clara; Souza, Alessandra S.; Morey, Candice C. [Google Scholar]

Children infer the behavioral contexts of unfamiliar foreign songs
Hilton, Courtney B.; Crowley-de Thierry, Liam; Yan, Ran; Martin, Alia; Mehr, Samuel A. [Google Scholar]

Out-of-vocabulary but not meaningless: Evidence for semantic-priming effects in pseudoword processing
Gatti, Daniele; Marelli, Marco; Rinaldi, Luca [Google Scholar]

Quantifying the interplay of conversational devices in building mutual understanding
Dideriksen, Christina; Christiansen, Morten H.; Tylén, Kristian; Dingemanse, Mark; Fusaroli, Riccardo [Google Scholar]

Adolescents seek social information under uncertainty
Slagter, Scarlett K.; van Duijvenvoorde, Anna C. K.; van den Bos, Wouter [Google Scholar]

The unlikelihood effect: When knowing more creates the perception of less
Karmarkar, Uma R.; Kupor, Daniella [Google Scholar]