J Econometrics


Journal of Econometrics, 234(2)



Isotonic regression discontinuity designs
Andrii Babii, Rohit Kumar [Google Scholar]

Estimation and inference for policy relevant treatment effects
Yuya Sasaki, Takuya Ura [Google Scholar]

Estimation of treatment effects under endogenous heteroskedasticity
Jason Abrevaya, Haiqing Xu [Google Scholar]

Identifying treatment effects in the presence of confounded types
Désiré Kédagni [Google Scholar]

Forward-selected panel data approach for program evaluation
Zhentao Shi, Jingyi Huang [Google Scholar]

Partially identifying competing risks models: An application to the war on cancer
Dongwoo Kim [Google Scholar]

Identifying marginal treatment effects in the presence of sample selection
Otávio Bartalotti, Désiré Kédagni, Vitor Possebom [Google Scholar]

Identification and estimation of triangular models with a binary treatment
Santiago Pereda-Fernández [Google Scholar]

Treatment recommendation with distributional targets
Anders Bredahl Kock, David Preinerstorfer, Bezirgen Veliyev [Google Scholar]

Probabilistic prediction for binary treatment choice: With focus on personalized medicine
Charles F. Manski [Google Scholar]

Nonparametric difference-in-differences in repeated cross-sections with continuous treatments
Xavier D’Haultfœuille, Stefan Hoderlein, Yuya Sasaki [Google Scholar]

Synthetic Learner: Model-free inference on treatments over time
Davide Viviano, Jelena Bradic [Google Scholar]

Estimation and inference of treatment effects with L2-boosting in high-dimensional settings
Jannis Kueck, Ye Luo, Martin Spindler, Zigan Wang [Google Scholar]

Multiple treatments with strategic substitutes
Jorge F. Balat, Sukjin Han [Google Scholar]

Regression-adjusted estimation of quantile treatment effects under covariate-adaptive randomizations
Liang Jiang, Peter C.B. Phillips, Yubo Tao, Yichong Zhang [Google Scholar]