J Acad Mar Sci


Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 51(3)



From tablet to table: How augmented reality influences food desirability
William Fritz, Rhonda Hadi, Andrew Stephen [Google Scholar]

Examining post-purchase consumer responses to product automation
Leah Warfield Smith, Randall Lee Rose, Alex R. Zablah, Heath McCullough, Mohammad “Mike” Saljoughian [Google Scholar]

The effect of positive anticipatory utility on product pre order evaluations and choices
Amaradri Mukherjee, Ronn J. Smith, Scot Burton [Google Scholar]

Non-face emojis in digital marketing: Effects, contingencies, and strategic recommendations
Davide Christian Orazi, Bhoomija Ranjan, Yimin Cheng [Google Scholar]

How has the effect of brand personality on customer-based brand equity changed over time? Longitudinal evidence from a panel data set spanning 18 years
Jonathan Luffarelli, Sebastiano A. Delre, Polina Landgraf [Google Scholar]

A taxonomy of marketing organizations
Leigh McAlister, Frank Germann, Natalie Chisam, Pete Hayes, Adriana Lynch, Bill Stewart [Google Scholar]

Hideous but worth it: Distinctive ugliness as a signal of luxury
Ludovica Cesareo, Claudia Townsend, Eugene Pavlov [Google Scholar]

The design of B2B customer references: A signaling theory perspective
D. Eric Boyd, F. Javier Sese, Sebastian Tillmanns [Google Scholar]

What’s not to like? Negations in brand messages increase consumer engagement
Todd Pezzuti, James M. Leonhardt [Google Scholar]

Projecting lower competence to boost apology effectiveness: Underlying mechanism and boundary conditions
Paolo Antonetti, Ilaria Baghi [Google Scholar]

The brand that wasn’t there: The impact of brand displacement on viewer engagement and brand attitude
Kirk Kristofferson, Lea Dunn [Google Scholar]