Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 40(2)


A vicarious learning perspective on the relationship between home-peer performance and export intensity among SMEs
Matthias Baum, Sui Sui, Shavin Malhotra [Google Scholar]

Launching new products in international markets: waterfall versus sprinkler strategy of Korean SMEs
Hyo Eun Cho, Jong-Ho Lee, Insik Jeong [Google Scholar]

The role of online channel in influencing perceived firm size and brand authenticity in international marketing
Felix Septianto, Arnold Japutra, Pragea Putra, Tyson Ang [Google Scholar]

Advertising intensity and firm performance: the influences of firm age and cultural communication styles
Alexey V. Semenov, Arilova Randrianasolo [Google Scholar]

Are Christian Arabs’ business models different from those of Muslim Arabs?
Ron Berger, Bradley R. Barnes, Liane W.Y. Lee, Matti Rachamim [Google Scholar]

Knowledge trajectories in the internationalization of the firm
Sylvio Leal Barbosa, Sergio Fernando Loureiro Rezende, Angela Versiani, Katia M. Galdino [Google Scholar]

International servitization: theoretical roots, research gaps and implications
Nilay Bıçakcıoğlu-Peynirci, Robert E. Morgan [Google Scholar]

Consumer animosity: the mitigating effect of perceived brand globalness
Timo Mandler, Fabian Bartsch, Tinka Krüger, Kyung Ae Kim, C. Min Han [Google Scholar]

Product development capabilities-based export channel selection and export performance
Min Li, Xinming He, Carlos M.P. Sousa [Google Scholar]