Learn the Do’s and Don’ts as Journal Reviewer


Webinar from AMA SERVSIG, 18 Apr 2023


Author: Sven Tuzovic

SERVSIG Workshop: Learn the Do’s and Don’ts as Journal Reviewer

Presenter: Dr Sven Tuzovic, SERVSIG Education Officer

You are a PhD or Post-Doc student and your supervisor has asked you to review a paper for a journal … now what? In this webinar, Web of Science Academy Mentor Dr Tuzovic will discuss the basics of becoming a peer reviewer. Learn about the types of review, steps of the review process, and how to give advice to authors and suggesting revisions. The goal is to prepare PhDs and Post-Docs as a successful peer reviewer in the academic community. This 1-hour webinar includes a general introduction to the journal peer review and the academic publishing process. If you like to earn a certificate on peer review on the Web of Science Academy, you can join a follow-up hands-on training which will be explained during the webinar.

Register here: https://forms.gle/FbETaDu4TRqv1M15A

Date & Time:

  • 19 April, 5-6 am Brisbane time
  • 18 April, 9-10 pm Frankfurt time
  • 18 April, 3-4 pm New York time

Zoom Link: