Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 40(5)


Special Section: Consumer Engagement and Stress

Issue Edited by: Linda Hollebeek, Wafa Hammedi, David Sprott

How can customers cope with cognitive demands of professional services? The role of employee coping support
Janina Garbas, Marah Blaurock, Marion Büttgen, Zelal Ates [Google Scholar]

Customer engagement in idea contests: Emotional and behavioral consequences of idea rejection
Mario Schaarschmidt, David B. Dose [Google Scholar]

Observing customer stress and engagement: An intercultural perspective
Mohamed Sobhy Temerak, Ruby Wenjiao Zhang, Cristiana Raquel Lages [Google Scholar]

Consumer engagement, stress, and conservation of resources theory: A review, conceptual development, and future research agenda
Linda D. Hollebeek, Wafa Hammedi, David E. Sprott [Google Scholar]


Effects of communication style on relational outcomes in interactions between customers and embodied conversational agents
Michelle M. E. van Pinxteren, Mark Pluymaekers, Jos Lemmink, Anna Krispin [Google Scholar]

Fluency and the perceived ethicality of corporate social (ir)responsibility
Gilles Grolleau, Naoufel Mzoughi, Scott Wright [Google Scholar]

Gifting digital versus physical gift cards: How and why givers and recipients have different preferences for a gift card’s mode of delivery
Farnoush Reshadi, Julian Givi, Gopal Das [Google Scholar]

Laughing in the face of embarrassment: Humorous marketing messages, excitement, and embarrassing products in retail
Christian Barney, Carol L. Esmark Jones [Google Scholar]

Merits matter: A new perspective on multifaceted pride and its effects on conspicuous consumption
Yongju Kwon, Kiwan Park [Google Scholar]

Residential mobility boosts new product adoption
Fue Zeng, Qiong He, Shaobo (Kevin) Li, Aowei Luo [Google Scholar]

The impact of product defect severity and product attachment on consumer negative emotions
Jiuchang Wei, Ming Jiang, Yi-Na Li, Wenjing Li, James A. Mead [Google Scholar]