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Journal of Marketing Management, 39(1/2)


Critical and Creative Marketing Pedagogies

Critical and creative marketing pedagogies: confronting rhetoric, addressing inequality, inspiring change
Teresa Heath, Mona Moufahim & Lisa O’Malley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On being critically oriented in precarious times: for resistant curiosity
Mark Tadajewski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crap detecting. Autoethnographic reflections on critical practice in marketing pedagogy
Chris Hackley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Up close and personal: feminist pedagogy in the classroom
Lorna Stevens & Pauline Maclaran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Teaching for freedom, caring for ourselves
Helena Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Poetic pedagogy: emancipatory spaces of Slam poetry for marketing education
Anoop Bhogal-Nair [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards glitch pedagogy
Chloe Preece & Laryssa Whittaker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From the streets to the classroom: power analysis as a tool for critical pedagogy |
Aggelos Panayiotopoulos & Maria Lichrou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender transformative advertising pedagogy: promoting gender justice through marketing education
Lauren Gurrieri & Fiona Finn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Student-centred theory building: pedagogical collaboration after Mark Fisher |
Paul Haynes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Teaching note – Critical pedagogies: practical examples from the marketing classroom
Mona Moufahim, Teresa Heath, Lisa O’Malley, Katherine Casey, Janice Denegri-Knott, Alev Kuruoglu, Ismini Pavlopoulou & Anuja Pradhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]