J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 54(3)




Industry 4.0 in international business research
Yadong Luo, Shaker A. Zahra [Google Scholar]

From local modification to global innovation: How research units in emerging economies innovate for the world
Shad Morris, James Oldroyd, Ryan T. Allen, Daniel Han Ming Chng, Jian Han [Google Scholar]

Relationships of stressors and opportunism in cross-border exchange partnership contexts: When and how monitoring matters
Ghasem Zaefarian, Matthew J. Robson, Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani, Stavroula Spyropoulou [Google Scholar]

Cultural congruence or compensation? A meta-analytic test of transformational and transactional leadership effects across cultures
Thomas Rockstuhl, Dongyuan Wu, James H. Dulebohn, Chenwei Liao, Julia E. Hoch [Google Scholar]

Interplay of consumer animosity and product country image in consumers’ purchase decisions
Sijun Wang, Zhen Tang, David W. Stewart, Yongsun Paik [Google Scholar]

Strategic leaders in multinational enterprises: A role-specific microfoundational view and research agenda
Dimitrios Georgakakis, Mads E. Wedell-Wedellsborg, Tommaso Vallone, Peder Greve [Google Scholar]

And the subsidiary lives on: Harnessing complex realities in the contemporary MNE
Daniel S. Andrews, Phillip C. Nell, Andreas P. J. Schotter, Tomi Laamanen [Google Scholar]

Equivalence in international business research: A three-step approach
Angelo M. Solarino, Peter J. Buckley [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Collision course: Carlos Ghosn and the culture wars that upended an auto empire
Jusuke J. J. Ikegami, Allan Bird [Google Scholar]

Global Taiwanese: Asian skilled labour markets in a changing world
Betina Szkudlarek [Google Scholar]