J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology , 108(4)



Egalitarian norm messaging increases human resources professionals’ salary offers to women
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Goal progress velocity as a determinant of shortcut behaviors
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Everything is negotiable, but not for everyone: The role of disability in compensation
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Organizational climate profiles: Identifying meaningful combinations of climate level and strength
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A field experiment on subgoal framing to boost volunteering: The trade-off between goal granularity and flexibility
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Cannabis use does not increase actual creativity but biases evaluations of creativity
Heng, Yu Tse; Barnes, Christopher M.; Yam, Kai Chi [Google Scholar]

The benefits of cognitive style versatility for collaborative work
Aggarwal, Ishani; Schilpzand, Marieke C.; Martins, Luis L.; Woolley, Anita Williams; Molinaro, Marco [Google Scholar]

Serving while being energized (strained)? A dual-path model linking servant leadership to leader psychological strain and job performance
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Perceived misalignment of professional prototypes reduces subordinates’ endorsement of sexist supervisors
Danbold, Felix; Bendersky, Corinne [Google Scholar]

The impact of supportive leadership on employee outcomes during organizational mergers: An organizational-level field study
Giessner, Steffen R.; Dawson, Jeremy F.; Horton, Kate E.; West, Michael [Google Scholar]