Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 110


The attributes of inter-organizational relationships: Which fifteen of them really matter to software developers?
Patrycja Klimas, Sylwia Stańczyk, Karina Sachpazidu, Agnieszka Stanimir, Łukasz Kuźmiński [Google Scholar]

Governing open innovation projects: The relationship between the use of trust and legal bonds
Hanna Bahemia, Jens K. Roehrich [Google Scholar]

The knotted paradox of coopetition for sustainability: Investigating the interplay between core paradox properties
Siarhei Manzhynski, Galina Biedenbach [Google Scholar]

The IT buying center: Integrating the buying center and IT governance
Carsten Lund Pedersen [Google Scholar]

The impact of performance measurement diversity on customer-oriented selling behavior
Peter D. Kerr, Monica Franco-Santos [Google Scholar]

Learning in strategic alliances: Reviewing the literature streams and crafting the agenda for future research
Marko Kohtamäki, Rodrigo Rabetino, Tuomas Huikkola [Google Scholar]

The individual manager in the spotlight: Protecting sensitive knowledge in inter-firm coopetition relationships
Tatbeeq Raza-Ullah, Lea Stadtler, Anne-Sophie Fernandez [Google Scholar]

Service design for digital servitization: Facilitating manufacturers’ advanced services value proposition design in the context of Industry 4.0
Ion Iriarte, Maya Hoveskog, Hien Nguyen Ngoc, Iker Legarda, Maitane Uranga, Maite Nazabal, Ariane Atxa [Google Scholar]

Which is more effective for platform performance: Punishments or incentives?
Yi Liu, Wei Gao [Google Scholar]

VSI: 2022 Summit Special Issue

SME networking capabilities in export markets and contingencies related to power asymmetry and brand assets
Maciej Mitręga [Google Scholar]

Toward a better understanding of value destruction: The case of food waste
Michael Gibbert, Björn S. Ivens, Alexander Leischnig [Google Scholar]

Looking back to move forward: Reviews and analyses of literature in industrial marketing
M. Billur Akdeniz, M. Berk Talay, Ahmet H. Kirca [Google Scholar]