Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 57(4)


Cool brands and hot attachments: their effect on consumers’ willingness to pay more
Melanie Moore Koskie, William B. Locander [Google Scholar]

The consumer–activity relationship and separation distress
Matthew A. Hawkins, Anastasia Thyroff [Google Scholar]

Dashed expectations in service experiences. Effects of robots human-likeness on customers’ responses
Laura Grazzini, Giampaolo Viglia, Daniel Nunan [Google Scholar]

Do digital platforms promote or hinder corporate brand prestige?
Sin Yan Tse, Danny T. Wang, Man Lai Cheung, Wilson K.S. Leung [Google Scholar]

Regulating sharing platforms in lateral exchange markets: the role of power and trust
Xiaofei Tang, Yong (Eddie) Luo, Pan Zhou, Ben Lowe [Google Scholar]

Diffusion between groups: the influence of social brokers on content adoption in social networks
Zhi Yang, Cai Yang, Chongyu Lu, Feng Wang, Wei Zhou [Google Scholar]

Role of B2B reliance and brand image in reducing risk perceptions: a serial mediation model
Prathamesh Kittur, Swagato Chatterjee [Google Scholar]

Angelic brand name priming: saintly branded food influences brand healthfulness perceptions
Jasmina Ilicic, Stacey M. Brennan [Google Scholar]

Social media managers’ customer orientation, service climate and social media followers’ willingness to pay: moderated mediation model with triadic data
Concepción Varela-Neira, Filipe Coelho, Zaira Camoiras-Rodríguez [Google Scholar]

Forms of supplier relationship exploration and distributor performance
Meng Wang, Danyang Zhao, Flora F. Gu [Google Scholar]

How empowerment and materialism contribute to anti-consumers’ well-being
Ingo Balderjahn, Stefan Hoffmann, Alexandra Hüttel [Google Scholar]

Going all the way? LGBTQ people’s receptiveness to gay-themed advertising in a Belgian context
Rein Demunter, Joke Bauwens [Google Scholar]