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Author: Shrihari (Hari) Sridhar

2023 Outstanding Reviewer Awards  

The Journal of Marketing is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Outstanding Reviewer Award selected from our 180+-person Editorial Review Board. Winners were chosen on the basis of review workload, constructiveness, thoroughness, and timeliness. The Editors thank the winners for their service to the Journal of Marketing and for their commitment to developing authors and advancing marketing knowledge.

Anocha Aribarg, University of Michigan | United States
Rajesh Bagchi​, Virginia Tech | United States
Alixandra Barasch, University of Colorado | United States
Kathleen Cleeren, K U Leuven | Belgium
Manpreet Gill, University of South Carolina | United States
Mahima Hada, City University of New York | United States
Kelly Herd, University of Connecticut | United States
Shijie Lu, University of Notre Dame | United States
Liye Ma, University of Maryland | United States
Girish Mallapragada, Indiana University | United States
Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, Georgia Tech | United States
Hope Schau, University of Arizona | United States
Qiaowei Shen, Peking University | China
Shane Wang, Virginia Tech | United States

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Recently Accepted Papers Forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing: Visit for a full list

A Meta-Analysis of Brand Extension Success: The Effects of Parent Brand Equity and Extension Fit
Chenming Peng, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, Franziska Völckner, Hong Zhao

Competition and the Regulation of Fictitious Pricing
Richard Staelin, Joel E. Urbany, Donald Ngwe

“Choozing” the Best Spelling: Consumer Response to Unconventionally Spelled Brand Names
John P. Costello, Jesse Walker, Rebecca Walker Reczek

Does Bad Medical News Reduce Preferences for Generic Drugs?
Manuel Hermosilla, Andrew T. Ching

The Effectiveness of Membership-based Free Shipping: An Empirical Investigation on Consumers’ Purchase Behaviors and Revenue Contribution
Fangfei Guo, Yan Liu

The Past and Future of Gender Research in Marketing: Paradigms, Stances, and Value-Based Commitments
Lisa Peñaloza, Andrea Prothero, Pierre McDonagh, Kathrynn Pounders

Creating Effective Marketing Messages Through Moderately Surprising Syntax
Selin Atalay, Siham El Kihal, Florian Ellsaesser

What Holds Attention? Linguistic Drivers of Engagement
Jonah Berger, Wendy W. Moe, David A. Schweidel

Give Me the Facts or Make Me Feel: How to Effectively Persuade Consumers to Act on a Collective Goal
Liyin Jin, Yajin Wang, Ying Zhang

A War on Sugar? Effects of Reduced Sugar Content and Package Size in the Soda Category
Kristopher O. Keller, Jonne Y. Guyt

The Role of Advertising in High-Tech Medical Procedures: Evidence from Robotic Surgeries
Tae Jung Yoon, TI Tongil Kim

Beyond Income: Dynamic Consumer Financial Vulnerability
Linda Court Salisbury, Gergana Y. Nenkov, Simon J. Blanchard, Ronald Paul Hill, Alexander L. Brown, Kelly D. Martin

Journal of Marketing Articles in the News

Harvard Business Review, “When Is the Best Time to Ask Customers for a Review?” (based on this article by Miyeon Jung, Sunghan Ryu, Sang Pil Han, and Daegon Cho)

Fast Company, “What do Lyft and Krispy Kreme have in common? This—and consumers hate it” (based on this article by John P. Costello, Jesse Walker, and Rebecca Walker Reczek)

Behavioral Scientist, “The Magic of Knowing When to Use Concrete vs. Abstract Language” (draws on this article by Nooshin L. Warren, Matthew Farmer, Tianyu Gu, and Caleb Warren)

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