Mar Letters


Marketing Letters, 34(1)


Reaching for rigor and relevance: better marketing research for a better world
Shilpa Madan, Gita Venkataramani Johar, Jonah Berger, Pierre Chandon, Rajesh Chandy, Rebecca Hamilton, Leslie K. John, Aparna A. Labroo, Peggy J. Liu, John G. Lynch, Nina Mazar, Nicole L. Mead, Vikas Mittal, Christine Moorman, Michael I. Norton, John Roberts, Dilip Soman, Madhu Viswanathan, Katherine White [Google Scholar]

A lure or a turn-off: social media reactions to business model innovation announcements
Melanie Bowen, Xiaohan Hannah Wen, Shinhye Kim [Google Scholar]

The impact of touchscreen devices on consumers’ choice confidence and purchase likelihood
Johannes D. Hattula, Walter Herzog, Ravi Dhar [Google Scholar]

Is cash perceived as more valuable than digital money? The mediating effect of psychological ownership and psychological distance
Kun Zhou, Jun Ye, Xiao-xiao Liu [Google Scholar]

Money for Nothing: The Impact of Compensation on Customers’ Bad-Mouthing in Service Recovery Encounters
Jasenko Arsenovic, Bo Edvardsson, Tobias Otterbring, Bård Tronvoll [Google Scholar]

‘No, Thanks’: How Do Requests for Feedback Affect the Consumption Behavior of Non-Compliers?
Dikla Perez, Gal Oestreicher-Singer, Lior Zalmanson, Matthew Matan Rubin [Google Scholar]

Advertising creativity and its effects: a meta-analysis of the moderating role of modality
William K. Darley, Jeen-Su Lim [Google Scholar]

The creative touch: the influence of haptics on creativity
Claire Heeryung Kim, Kelly B. Herd, H. Shanker Krishnan [Google Scholar]

Effects of labeling on risk taking in “leveling-up” decisions: ascending versus descending permutations and ending in terminal values
Haoyu Liu, Lifeng Yang, Duane T. Wegener [Google Scholar]

Detrimental impact of contagious disease cues on consumer preference for anthropomorphic products
Ying Ding, Sunxu Xu [Google Scholar]

‘Dark patterns’ in online services: a motivating study and agenda for future research
Julian Runge, Daniel Wentzel, Ji Young Huh, Allison Chaney [Google Scholar]

Ad expenditures and perceived quality: a replication and extension
Koushyar Rajavi, Donald R. Lehmann, Kevin Lane Keller, Alireza Golmohammadi [Google Scholar]