J Service Theory Prac


Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 33(2)



Special issue: Emerging digital technologies and professional services – Current and future research agenda

Guest editors: Piyush Sharma, Wa Kimmy Chan, Russel Kingshott

Guest editorial: Emerging digital technologies and professional services: current and future research agenda
Piyush Sharma, Wa Kimmy Chan, Russel Kingshott [Google Scholar]

When and how digital platforms empower professional services firms: an agility perspective
Yulong (David) Liu, Henry F.L. Chung, Zuopeng (Justin) Zhang, Mian Wu [Google Scholar]

Improving KIBS performance using digital transformation: study based on the theory of resources and capabilities
Jorge Alberto Marino-Romero, Pedro R. Palos-Sanchez, Félix Velicia-Martin [Google Scholar]

Flourishing digital technology in professional services firms: multidisciplinary perspectives in India
Ansumalini Panda, Srinivas Subbarao Pasumarti, Suvarna Hiremath [Google Scholar]

Difficulties to digitalize: ambidexterity challenges in law firms
Charlotta Kronblad, Johanna E. Pregmark, Rita Berggren [Google Scholar]

Digitalization processes in small professional service firms: drivers, barriers and emerging organisational tensions
Silvio Cardinali, Alessandro Pagano, Elisa Carloni, Marta Giovannetti, Lorenzo Governatori [Google Scholar]

I see myself in my leader: transformational leadership and its impact on employees’ technology-mediated knowledge sharing in professional service firms
Mai Nguyen [Google Scholar]

Finding a fit between CXO’s experience and AI usage in CXO decision-making: evidence from knowledge-intensive professional service firms
Poojitha Kondapaka, Sayantan Khanra, Ashish Malik, Muneza Kagzi, Kannan Hemachandran [Google Scholar]

The writing is on the wall: predicting customers’ evaluation of customer-firm interactions using computerized text analysis
Caitlin Ferreira, Jeandri Robertson, Raeesah Chohan, Leyland Pitt, Tim Foster [Google Scholar]