J Retailing


Journal of Retailing, 99(1)



In-store endcap projections and their effect on sales
Elisa B. Schweiger, Carl-Philip Ahlbom, Jens Nordfält, Anne L. Roggeveen, Dhruv Grewal [Google Scholar]

Should firms display the sale price using larger font?
Ayan Bhattacharyya, Subhash Jha, Abhijit Guha, Abhijit Biswas [Google Scholar]

‘Sorry, the product you ordered is out of stock’: Effects of substitution policy in online grocery retailing
Dong Hoang, Els Breugelmans [Google Scholar]

Multichannel customer purchase behavior and long tail effects in the fashion goods market
Brian Ratchford, Gonca Soysal, Alejandro Zentner [Google Scholar]

Evaluating strategies for promoting retail mobile channel using a hidden Markov model
Jialie Chen, Vithala R. Rao [Google Scholar]

‘If you loved our product’: Do conditional review requests harm retailer loyalty?
Nevena T. Koukova, Rebecca Jen-Hui Wang, Mathew S. Isaac [Google Scholar]

Sustaining shopping momentum in retail malls using real-time messaging
Khadija Ali Vakeel, Morana Fudurić, Vijay Viswanathan, Mototaka Sakashita [Google Scholar]

The influence of corporate social responsibility appeals (CSRAs) on product sales: Which appeal types perform better?
Sunhee Choi, Dale F. Duhan, Mayukh Dass [Google Scholar]

Disorder in secondhand retail spaces: The countervailing forces of hidden treasure and risk
Gretchen R. Ross, Lisa E. Bolton, Margaret G. Meloy [Google Scholar]

I might try it: Marketing actions to reduce consumer disgust toward insect-based food
Rumen Pozharliev, Matteo De Angelis, Dario Rossi, Richard Bagozzi, Cesare Amatulli [Google Scholar]