J Res Interactive Mar


Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 17(2)



‘I will buy what my ‘friend’ recommends’: the effects of parasocial relationships, influencer credibility and self-esteem on purchase intentions
Nicky Chang Bi, Ruonan Zhang [Google Scholar]

Drivers of satisfaction and usage continuance in e-grocery retailing: a collaborative design supported perspective
Amresh Kumar, Pallab Sikdar, Manali Gupta, Pratibha Singh, Neena Sinha [Google Scholar]

Predicting value cocreation behavior in social media via integrating uses and gratifications paradigm and theory of planned behavior
Arash H. Zadeh, Maryam Farhang, Mohammadali Zolfagharian, Charles F. Hofacker [Google Scholar]

Native advertising relevance effects and the moderating role of attitudes toward social networking sites
Hye Jin Yoon, Yan Huang, Mark Yi-Cheon Yim [Google Scholar]

From direct marketing to interactive marketing: a retrospective review of the
Weng Marc Lim, Satish Kumar, Nitesh Pandey, Tareq Rasul, Vidhu Gaur [Google Scholar]

Promoting smart wearable devices in the health-AI market: the role of health consciousness and privacy protection
Yanting Zhu, Yaobin Lu, Sumeet Gupta, Jinqiang Wang, Peng Hu [Google Scholar]

Enhancing brick-and-mortar store shopping experience with an augmented reality shopping assistant application using personalized recommendations and explainable artificial intelligence
Robert Zimmermann, Daniel Mora, Douglas Cirqueira, Markus Helfert, Marija Bezbradica, Dirk Werth, Wolfgang Jonas Weitzl, René Riedl, Andreas Auinger [Google Scholar]

Using personalization for cause-related marketing beyond compassion fade on social media
Jihye Kim, Minseong Kim [Google Scholar]

The impact of artificial intelligence stimuli on customer engagement and value co-creation: the moderating role of customer ability readiness
Li Gao, Gang Li, Fusheng Tsai, Chen Gao, Mengjiao Zhu, Xiaopian Qu [Google Scholar]