J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 49(6)



Origin versus Substance: Competing Determinants of Disruption in Duplication Technologies
Yanmei Zheng; Joseph W Alba [Google Scholar]

The Value-Translation Model of Consumer Activism: How Consumer Watchdog Organizations Change Markets
Mikkel Nøjgaard [Google Scholar]

Mysterious Consumption: Preference for Horizontal (vs. Vertical) Uncertainty and the Role of Surprise
Eva C Buechel; Ruoou Li [Google Scholar]

How Political Ideology Shapes Preferences for Observably Inferior Products
Monika Lisjak ; Nailya Ordabayeva [Google Scholar]

When Products Come Alive: Interpersonal Communication Norms Induce Positive Word of Mouth for Anthropomorphized Products
Fangyuan Chen; Jaideep Sengupta; Jianqing (Frank) Zheng [Google Scholar]

Wealth in People and Places: Understanding Transnational Gift Obligations
Samuelson Appau; David Crockett [Google Scholar]

Distributions Distract: How Distributions on Attribute Filters and Other Tools Affect Consumer Judgments
Derick F Davis [Google Scholar]

On or Off Track: How (Broken) Streaks Affect Consumer Decisions
Jackie Silverman ; Alixandra Barasch [Google Scholar]

Spending Windfall (“Found”) Time on Hedonic versus Utilitarian Activities
Jaeyeon (Jae) Chung; Leonard Lee; Donald R Lehmann ; Claire I Tsai [Google Scholar]

The Magnitude Heuristic: Larger Differences Increase Perceived Causality
David P Daniels; Daniella Kupor [Google Scholar]