J Con Psych


Journal of Consumer Psychology, 33(2)



How to overcome algorithm aversion: Learning from mistakes
Taly Reich, Alex Kaju, Sam J. Maglio [Google Scholar]

Ethnic identity‐based motivation: A model emergent from US Hispanic consumers
Alexandra Aguirre-Rodriguez, David Luna, Cecilia M. O. Alvarez, Detra Montoya [Google Scholar]

Motivation to compete: Understanding and overcoming the demotivating effect of competing with more people
Haiyang Yang, Amitava Chattopadhyay [Google Scholar]

The influence of interpersonal relationships on brand‐related behaviors for gifted brands
Marina Carnevale, Luke Kachersky [Google Scholar]

Givers eschew gifts that are inferior to their own: How social norms, regulatory focus, and concerns about offending lead givers astray
Julian Givi, Gopal Das [Google Scholar]

Beautify the blurry self: Low self‐concept clarity increases appearance management
Jiaqian Wang, Yiqi Yu [Google Scholar]

The facilitating effect of physiological self‐tracking on organ donation
Chi Hoang, Sharon Ng [Google Scholar]

Secret consumer behaviors in close relationships
Danielle J. Brick, Kelley Gullo Wight, Gavan J. Fitzsimons [Google Scholar]

The spiritual contagion scale: A measure of beliefs in the transfer of metaphysical properties
Jin Kim, George E. Newman, Natalie O. Fedotova, Paul Rozin [Google Scholar]

Tiered discounts as multiple reference points for spending
Andong Cheng, Gretchen R. Ross [Google Scholar]

Robots or humans for disaster response? Impact on consumer prosociality and possible explanations
Fangyuan Chen, Szu-chi Huang [Google Scholar]

Coping with loneliness through consumption
L. J. Shrum, Elena Fumagalli, Tina M. Lowrey [Google Scholar]