Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 44(4)


Trade‐offs to using standardized tools: Innovation enablers or creativity constraints?
Milan Miric, Hakan Ozalp, Erdem Dogukan Yilmaz [Google Scholar]

Innovation and profitability following antitrust intervention against a dominant platform: The wild, wild west?
Sruthi Thatchenkery, Riitta Katila [Google Scholar]

When stronger patent law reduces patenting: Empirical evidence
Yun Hou, I.P.L. Png, Xi Xiong [Google Scholar]

Divestment of relational assets following acquisitions: Evidence from the biopharmaceutical industry
Vivek Tandon, Navid Asgari, Ram Ranganathan [Google Scholar]

Stronger together: Country‐of‐origin agglomeration and multinational enterprise location choice in an adverse institutional environment
Yong Li, Jing Li, Peng Zhang, Sunhwan Gwon [Google Scholar]

A cognitive perspective on real options investment: CEO overconfidence
Joon Mahn Lee, Jung Chul Park, Guoli Chen [Google Scholar]

The ‘CEO in context’ technique revisited: A replication and extension of Hambrick and Quigley (2014)
Tobias Keller, Martin Glaum, Andreas Bausch, Thorsten Bunz [Google Scholar]

SMS Collection

Managing ecosystem emergence and evolution: Strategies for ecosystem architects
Jarryd Daymond, Eric Knight, Maria Rumyantseva, Steven Maguire [Google Scholar]